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After Struggling With Mental Health Issues For Years, Paige Spiranac Regrets Making a Bold Decision on Her Golf Career

Athletes’ games and opulent lifestyles will only be admired by those who observe them from the outside. Being a sportsperson, though, encompasses much more than that. Exhaustion and mental fatigue are also very much a part of any game. Every day, players are expected to be at the top of their game and to avoid making any errors. It is clear that this has an impact on their mental health.



Many prominent athletes talk about the mental pressure they go through during the games. The golf stars also share their experiences from time to time. 2023 Greater Toledo LPGA Classic winner Linn Grant, also talked about her tough experience at the course. Golf diva Paige Spiranac, now discusses her share of difficulties and how things may have turned out differently if she had spoken about them earlier.



Paige Spiranac talks about her struggles
Recently, Spiranac was a guest on Mamba Smith’s YouTube channel. They talked about many things, like her partnership with LA Golf and content creation, before landing on her struggles with golf. The host asked her about the mental pressure she had gone through when she was a pro.Despite Retiring From the Game, Ex-LPGA Star Michelle Wie West Is Still Sedulous As Ever and Her Recent Dazzling Partnership Is Its Testimony.



Spiranac responded to it by saying that it’s encouraging to hear about the athletes’ mental strain in so many sports documentaries. She also brought up Marty Fish’s anxiety problems and how they affected his performance. All of this, though, is recent.However, she was lonely back in 2016 when she was juggling all the problems. Things may have turned out differently if she had known how readily she could express her emotions. ”And so I look back and I’m like, maybe I actually could have done this if I knew that I wasn’t alone with feeling this type of way when it comes to competing,” said Spiranac.



This is not the first time Spiranac has revealed her struggles. Last year, she revealed her complicated relationship with golf.
Spiranac’s turbulent times when she was a pro
On her podcast Playing a Round With Paige Renee, the ex golf pro revealed what she had gone through when she was a pro in the middle of the competitive zone.

Spiranac, 30, revealed that she had spoken with numerous psychologists to improve her skills. Along with doing everything she could to escape the pressure of competition, she also read a lot of books. “I really have had a complicated relationship with golf,” Spiranac admitted, “And more importantly, competing.”

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