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Blake Lively looking breathtaking in a bikini months after giving birth to her fourth child

Blake Lively has been quite the trendsetter and now she looks amazing after giving birth to her and Ryan Reynold’s fourth baby. Her breakthrough role as Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl gave her the perfect opportunity to shine and while many believe she had a stylist, it turned out it was all her.



While being pregnant, she shined in maternity wear even when attending the red carpet with Reynolds a few months ago when expecting their fourth child.




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Two months after the baby’s arrival, the actress shared some images of their last family vacation in which she fell in love with her summer dresses and all things summer.



Blake Lively a trendsetter in print

As an achieved fashionista she is not afraid to experiment with trends and styles including a combination of prints in perfect harmony.



Accessories, accessories and more accessories
When talking about jewelry, Lively’s wondering eyes look closely at Lorraine Schwartz, Jennifer Meyer and Brent Neale and the balance between the three of them to bring out an exquisite balance worthy of the A lister’s body.




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Fans react to Blake Lively’s combos
In addition to the wide-leg pants and bikini top ensemble posed poolside in a black trikini which, sparked compliments all over her fanbase “Didn’t you just have a baby?”, “By the way…. You look like you’ve never had a child…. How do you do it?”, “Thank you for being so real”, “How do you look like this after four babies?”

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