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Despite a Cold Shoulder From Steffi Graf, Andre Agassi Once Revealed Embarrassing Moment With Her When He Nervously Made the First Move – ‘I Hope She Didn’t..’

Andre Agassi is one player whose personal life has been quite open. After a scandal of methane addiction and a messy divorce with Brooke Shields, Agassi’s life was not looking up. However, the American player managed to get back on track and even married Steffi Graf. In his autobiography, he revealed just how he managed to end up with the former German tennis star.



After Agassi managed a conversation with Graf, he was unable to ask her for a date. Like tennis, he thought of a strategy to approach her. Later on, he managed to organize a practice session with her, which ended up in his favor.



Andre Agassi reveals awkward moment with Steffi Graf
In his autobiography ‘Open’, Agassi talks about several aspects of his life. In one section, he discusses heavily how he wooed Steffi Graf. He recalled one of their meetings in which Agassi tried to have a long conversation with Graf. However, he was heavily unsuccessful, as Graf did not respond to his charms.

Agassi said, “I don’t get to dance with Steffi, but there will be a kind of consolation match: a formal introduction. I look forward to it all night. Then it happens. Shaking her hand, I tell Steffi that I tried to reach her at last year’s French Open and I hope she didn’t misunderstand my intentions. I say, I’d really love to talk with you some time.”



Unfortunately for him, Graf does not respond in the way Agassi wants her to. “She doesn’t respond. She merely smiles, an enigmatic smile, and I can’t tell if she’s happy about what I’ve just said, or nervous.”While his attempt in this situation crashed and burned, he would emerge triumphant in another incidence.



How the American player held a heartfelt conversation with Graf
In an episode of the ‘Almost Famous’ podcast last year, Barnaby Slater read how Agassi managed to converse with Graf for the first time. After many attempts, Agassi was ready to give up, but his coach, Brad Gilbert, motivated him to try once again. Using his connection with Graf’s coach, Gilbert managed to set up a practice session.

After the practice session, the two started a conversation, and things escalated quickly. The two got married in 2001 and have been together for 22 years with two children. Agassi’s persistence worked out in this event.

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