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Serena Williams’ Latest IG Post Shows She’s One Hot Mama — & Reveals Alexis Ohanian’s Cute Nickname for Their Baby

Pregnancy isn’t slowing Serena Williams down! The retired tennis legend recently shared a video of her dancing with her bare baby bump on full display, and she is one hot mama.



“I was doing some hip isolations ….. behind the scenes on set while waiting to resume shooting helps keep baby healthyyyyyyy #dance #pregnant,” Williams captioned a new Instagram video set to “Energy” by Beyoncé. In the video, she rolls her hips side to side, then ends with a little twerking — and, damn, she looks good!

Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian commented on the video and revealed his sweet nickname for their unborn baby. “Jellybean already a jock,” he joked. Jellybean?! Now that is adorable.
Many others commented on how sexy Williams is while pregnant (and we totally agree!). “Girl that’s how the baby for here in the first place lol glad to see you guys are healthy and thriving,” one person wrote.



Another said, “It’s crazy when you can still see the 6 pack on the baby bump 🤯.”

“Yessss! Keep that pelvic floor healthy momma! Thanks for being such an inspiration 😍,” someone else wrote.

Photo by Christopher Polk/WWD via Getty Images

Williams is already mom to daughter Olympia, 5, with Ohanian. The 23-time Grand Slam champion recently shared a video on YouTube of her skincare routine for her bump, which includes rubbing raw cocoa butter, raw shea butter, and pure vitamin E oil on her stomach. In the video, Williams revealed that her daughter recently called her out for her pregnancy breasts.



“Olympia said that — what did you say? That they were, they almost go to my knees because they got so big?” she asked in the video.
“Yeah,” Olympia casually confirms off camera, prompting Williams to give a WTF look. This 5-year-old doesn’t hold back when it comes to keeping Williams humble (remember her recent shoutout to her mom’s wig?).

Don’t worry, Serena — we still think you look fabulous with your little jellybean!

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