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8 Months After Wild Beef With Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian, Drake Finds His ‘Rightful Wife’ as He Gets Cozy With Rapper in New York

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian are on the tip of their toes in anticipation of bringing in the younger sibling of Olympia. The happy family of three is buzzing high on frequency to welcome the fourth addition. However, this happy family got into the limelight last year after the rumored ex-boyfriend of Serena Williams, Drake, released a diss track throwing shade at Williams’ husband.



But the tables have turned, and this eery turn is too noticeable to ignore. Recently, the music star Drake has altered his stance which has eventually led people to question his intentions.
Drake stirs headlines as he cozies up after dissing Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian
Reddit co-founder is undoubtedly one of the most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs at the moment. However, he takes the most pride in being the husband of his beloved wife Serena Williams, and father of their adorable daughter Olympia. But that does not mean everyone can digest him doing that happily. Especially not the rumored ex-boyfriend of Serena Williams, Drake. The Canadian rapper last year released a song, ‘Middle of the Ocean’ where he called out Williams’ husband and called him a “groupie”.



But with the turn of new events, Drake might be drawing eyes as he cozies up to rapper, Sexxy Red. The rapper gained attention after she released her song, ‘Pound Town’. But now, she seems to be the “rightful wife” of Drake. The Canadian rapper cozied up to Sexxy Red during his ‘It’s All a Blur’ tour backstage.



He shared the snap with the caption, “Just met my rightful wife” while she sat on his lap as he kissed her head. She even shared the pictures on her Instagram stating, “I’m yo favorite rapper favorite rapper.”

Seems like Drake has moved on from his last year’s diss on Alexis Ohanian. Nonetheless, it does not matter to Ohanian because he minded nothing as long as she had his family by his side.

Proud husband of Serena Williams and proud father of Olympia
That is who Alexis Ohanian is. Last year the news of Drake’s song hit the headlines. Ohanian indicated nothing directly, but he made sure to leave a hint of what he felt.Just a few days before his five-year anniversary with Serena Williams, Ohanian uploaded a tweet. He uploaded an image of himself alongside his daughter Olympia, cheering for Williams through courtside. He stated he wins every single time because he is relentless about everything “including being the best groupie for my wife & daughter.”

Ohanian has stayed true to his words as he continues to shower his family with care and love. Moreover, a new member is only bringing out the devoted side of him.

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