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‘It’s Not the Same’: Jordan Spieth, Who ‘Grew Up in the Wind,’ Strongly Rejects American Golf Courses Emulating Links in the UK

The final major of the 2023 season has officially begun at one of the most iconic locations: Royal Liverpool Golf Club, in Hoylake. The field includes some of the top-tier golfers, including Rory McIlroy, Viktor Hovland, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, and others, who are ready to take on the Royal Liverpool and go head-to-head with each other for the highly coveted title.



Spieth is one of the most adored PGA Tour pros and has always made his way into fans’ hearts with his actions. But this time, it was not his action towards a fan that caught the eye, but rather his take on the American golf links and the golf links of the UK.



Jordan Spieth dismisses the American golf courses
After his post-round press conference on Thursday, the golfer was asked about what it is about the ongoing championship that speaks to him and how he feels about the golf links. As he answered the question, he shared that he “grew up in the wind,” and it makes him familiar with techniques to play on such windy courses.

Sharing what he likes about such courses, he said, “I like the imagination around the greens, putting some, bumping others, using three or four different clubs around the greens.” He spoke about how he also likes the weather conditions around such courses, and with his experience now, he has a better shot.

Discussing whether there should be more golf links on the season’s calendar, the former world number one said that there are some great golf courses in America, but “it’s not the same.” Talking about what is different in the UK, he said there is “fescue grass” on UK golf courses, and that is not there on American golf courses.

Surprisingly, it seems like Spieth is not the only golfer who is adoring the links in the UK; a golf legend, who isn’t even competing at the event this year, has also talked about the uniqueness of the course.



Spieth isn’t the only one singing high praises of UK golf links

Tiger Woods, who is sadly not competing in the tournament this year, emerged victorious at Hoylake in 2006. During an interview with TaylorMade, the golfer shared what it is that he likes about the links in the UK.

The 82-time PGAT winner shared that the course allowed the golfers to be creative and use the ground rather than going high. He added that this is what made him love the course. The 15-time major winner also talked about how links are all about keeping the ball out of the air and just hitting putts from 60–70 yards.

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