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“Scandalous Twist : Jordan Spieth’s Controversial On-Course Encounter With a Surprising Family Member!”

The 123rd edition of the highly reputed major championship, the US Open, has finally begun in Los Angeles. The field of 156 players is set, and highly decorated golfers such as Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Rory McIlroy, among others, are preparing themselves to compete for honor, pride, and a $20 million purse.



Every player has a different process they like to follow before a major tournament to prepare themselves. Some like to enjoy quality time with their family, whereas some golfers like to engage in more golf to help brush up their skills.

It seems that Spieth belongs to the former club, unlike Rory McIlroy, who likes to play more golf before big tournaments.



Jordan Spieth spends some quality time with his very special family member
Spieth has always been that one golfer who has had plenty of heartwarming moments on the course with little fans and kids. When the little one on the course with him is his own child, the moment they share is bound to be even more special.



After the crucial practice round on Wednesday, the golfer was greeted by his 1.5-year-old toddler, Sammy Speith. The 29-year-old golfer was smiling ear to ear while holding his son in his arms, and it seemed that younger Spieth enjoyed some time with his daddy too before he engaged in the fierce competition.



The beautiful photograph of the father-son duel was captured by Jeff Marsh, a renowned photographer, and was then reshared by the 3-time major winner on his Instagram story with the caption, “Post practice round squad.”

It seems that it is always a good idea to spend some quality time with your loved ones before teeing it off. Another golfer who agrees with this ideology is Sergio Garcia. The Spanish golfer himself had quite a fun time with his family, including his wife and kids, before he prepared himself to give his all in Los Angeles this weekend.



This was not the only moment that the PGA Tour pro’s son shined on the course at the 2023 US Open. The adorable Sammy also shared a cute moment with his uncle, Justin Thomas, on the 18th after he was done with his practice session.



Little Spieth shares an adorable moment on the course with his uncle, JT
Yesterday, after Thomas was done with his practice round, he was greeted by Rickie Fowler’s daughter and Spieth’s son on the 18th.





What went down between the 2015 Masters champion’s son and Justin Thomas caught fans’ attention in a good way. Sammy was innocently trying to get a hold of the two-time major champion’s wedge, and he did not give it to him. Just at that moment, Spieth came from behind and gave his wedge to Sammy to play with.

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