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“Big things coming soon” – Wayne Gretzky teases exciting new collab alongside Jamie Foxx

Wayne Gretzky is the biggest crossover star from the NHL. There is no player who has achieved the heights he has on the ice and off it. He is the Michael Jordan equivalent of the sport. There should be no doubt about how big of a celebrity he is. And if there is any, then they should know that Gretzky was invited to a party hosted by Jamie Foxx in Las Vegas. Both were part of a BetMGM ad which was released pretty recently.



Foxx has gone through a lot as well. He faced a mysterious medical illness and was out for a few months. Now, he is back up and working again. He hosted this party in honour of this recovery.Gretzky posted a picture of himself and Foxx from the occasion. Gretzky stated:
“It’s great to be working with @iamjamiefoxx and @betmgm in Vegas. With the finest individual, I had one of the nicest evenings of my life. Big things are about to happen.”
It was a confirmation of Foxx’s own caption, which stated that “big things are coming soon.”



It’s only Gretzky’s most recent encounter with a famous person. He had shared a photo from the NBA Finals with Lil Wayne. Gretzky posted the picture on Instagram.He is still the NHL’s all-time leader in points, goals, and many other stats. Wayne Gretzky towered over Lil Wayne, as shown by the title, ‘2 Wayne’s’.
Wayne Gretzky’s ad with Conor McDavid went viral on social media
This was not Wayne Gretzky’s first advertisement with BetMGM. Two hockey greats joke about in their most recent commercial, which was published six months ago, as Connor McDavid works on his skating.



It’s not the first time BetMGM’s hockey-themed advertisements have made a splash in the media. Marc-Andre Fleury and Jonathan Marchessault were among the renowned athletes who appeared in their prior commercials.BetMGM has distinguished itself from other bookmakers and developed a recognisable brand identity by using humour in their advertisements. It’s probable that we’ll see more amusing hockey advertisements from BetMGM in the future if they continue to have success in this area.
Wayne Gretzky and Conor McDavid are unique and the company decided to make them the face of the business because of that.

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