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‘He Feels Betrayed’- When Chris Evert Empathized With Jimmy Connors After His Manager Sued Him for $5 Million

American tennis great Chris Evert is among the best in the game. She was absolutely unbeatable in the 70s and had a great rivalry with Martina Navratilova in the 80s. In her personal life also she saw many ups and downs. Talking about her personal life, Evert was dating tennis great Jimmy Connors very early in her career.



While Evert was rising as a star, Connors was an established great. However, the American former world number 1 was going through a tough phase at that time. His relationship with his manager fell apart. Later, in an interview, Evert spoke about how it impacted his performance as well.



Chris Evert on Jimmy Connors’ fallout with his manager
After his father’s death, Jimmy Connors had his manager Riordan as a father figure. The two were very close, and it affected Connors really hard when the two fell apart. Riordan also sued Connors for $5 million. While Connors had no grudges against Riordan, he was deeply hurt. Later in an interview, Chris Evert revealed its impact on the life of the former world number 1.



“So much of it goes back to Jimmy’s growing up, to the way people back home treated him. This was all inside him, and then he confided in Riordan, put his emotions on the line for him, and now he feels betrayed. So now his attitude is: You see, it is true. It is. I can’t trust anybody,” Evert said. Connors had more heartbreak to follow as his marriage with Evert was canceled and the duo separated.

Chris Evert’s three marriages
Chris Evert had a very successful tennis career. The 67-year-old can look back at her career with pride. However, the tennis legend could not find similar success in her personal life. After breaking up with Connors, she fell in love with tennis star John Lloyd. The two married soon, but their marriage ended in eight years.



After her divorce from Lloyd in 1987, she found love again with alpine skier Andy Mill. This time, Evert seemed in a happy relationship and had three sons with Mill. However, later in 2009, Evert separated from Mill to marry his best friend Greg Norman. This marriage was her shortest as the couple separated after only 15 months of their marriage.

For now, Evert is living a single life and has three sons to call her family. However, recently, when she was fighting her battle with cancer, her ex-husband Andy Mill stood by her throughout the process.

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