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Johnny Depp’s health alarm leaves Budapest concertgoers stunned

Johnny Depp and his band, Hollywood Vampires, had to pull the plug on their concert in Budapest at the last minute. According to reports, Johnny passed out so badly in his hotel room that they had to call in a doctor and couldn’t even make it to the stage.

The arena was packed with eager fans, some who traveled hundreds of kilometers to see the show, but it was not meant to be.



An usher revealed: “Everything was set, the stage was set, the backstage crew was ready for the party. No one thought there could be a problem, especially as the band members had done the sound set-up that had been scheduled for the afternoon.”



Turns out Johnny was over-excited or something, and his condition was so bad that they had to call for medical help. Fans were taken aback by the sudden announcement and shared their concerns on social media. Some wondered if it was technical issues, while others worried about the well-being of the band members.



This isn’t the first time the tour has faced challenges, as Johnny injured his ankle back in June, forcing the band to reschedule some shows in the US. Looks like he’s been going through a tough time lately.



But fear not, the Hollywood Vampires will be back on track soon! They’re still set to continue their tour in Europe, with the final show in Germany on July 23rd. They’re even making up for the canceled appearances with a three-day set in the US, wrapping up on July 30th.

Despite the setbacks, Hollywood Vampires is a supergroup that’s been rocking since 2012, with Johnny showing off his musical talents on slide, rhythm, and lead guitar, as well as vocals.



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