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When Tom Cruise Revealed Having S*x With Him Is Like Flying, He Added “I’ve Never Been Asked For A Refund” To Charm The Ladies

Tom Cruise is a master of all trades, and there is no denying that. Known for doing stunts all by himself, the actor’s filmography has inspired the world. However, along with his action, the actor is known for flaunting his s*x skills in movie scenes.

Cruise was once asked what it was like to have s*x with him, and he said it was like flying. Read on to know more about it!



The Mission Impossible actor has done many critically acclaimed movie roles in his career. Among many films, he has worked with Cameron Diaz in three movies, namely Vanilla Sky and Minority Report, and their pairing received applause in the 2010 released movie Knight & Day.

As they both were promoting the movie, Tom once flaunted himself and revealed what it was like to have s*x with him.



The Top Gun actor, along with actress Cameron Diaz appeared for an interview with Jay Leno on TV, in which he answered questions about his s*x life. When the interviewer asked about his flying skills, and asked, “Tom, I know you’re a pilot.

What are you better at? Flying or s*x.” Tom Cruise replied, “I try to excel in all areas, and I’ve never been asked for a refund”.



ameron chimed in and added, “Having s*x with Tom is like…,” to which the MI7 actor replied, “It’s like flying,” showing his witts. Later in the conversation, Tom Cruise was asked whether he had been to a strip club.

He replied, “Actually, I never have. Sorry to disappoint you”.



With all that, his last movie, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, has been getting praise from the audiences as it gathers audience and critics’ attention.

As the seventh movie of the franchise will have another part, the fans are eagerly waiting for Ethan Hunt to run back into action!

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