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‘Disrespectful to the Game’: Golf Fans Ruthlessly Attack Jordan Spieth Over His Bizarre Fashion Choice At Hoylake

The final major of the 2023 season is in its final leg with the fourth round about to commence. It is creating a lot of buzz and spark amongst the fans. Many big names such as Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, and others failed to make the cut. But many expected names did make the cut and one of those players was Jordan Spieth. Apart from his performance, Spieth gathered attention on the course for different reasons.



Usually, there is a very specific kind of attire that golfers wear on the course, especially while competing in major tournaments. But, recently, Speith wore something off the book, and well, the golf world had some thoughts about it.

Jordan Spieth wears something unusual at the 151st Open

Spieth is one of the most loved golfers among the fans. There have been times when he has gone above and beyond for his fans, especially the young fans. The golfer is currently competing in the Open Championship for a purse worth $16.5 million in Hoylake. The golfer made the cut and ended his third round with a score of 2 under and at the 17th position.



Other than the golfer’s 2 birdies and 2 bogeys, what caught everyone’s eye was his wearing joggers on the course. What followed this was the discussion amongst the golf fans about whether golfers should wear joggers on the course or not.

A ripoff page of the PGA Tour, known as PGA Tuour, posted an image of him and popped the question, “Thoughts on golfers wearing joggers like Spieth is today? Many fans had a lot of things to say about the question and had strong opinions about joggers being an acceptable attire for the game.



Golf fanatics react to Jordan Spieth’s golf attire
The 3X major winner’s joggers attracted a lot of attention from the fans, and rightfully so! Let us look at some of the comments that fans left under the PGA Tuour’s post.

A fan was bold enough to comment that wearing such attire should lead to “immediate disqualification.”

One fan suggested that the PGAT should disallow joggers in tournaments. Another fan pointed out the existence of certain standards for a reason.

A fan hysterically commented that joggers should only be allowed if they are, “Lululemon.”

A few fans pointed out that there is nothing wrong with being comfortable on the course.


One golf enthusiast pointed out the bond Justin Thomas and Spieth share, that they are sharing clothes with each other now.

Pointing out what is next in the golf attire, a fan said,

One person said it is not the big issue to wear joggers on the course.

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