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11 Months After Taking $5,000,000 From Serena Williams, $800 Million Selena Gomez Bombshell Baffles Fans

Following in the footsteps of her husband Alexis Ohanian, the legendary Serena Williams has also made inroads into the world of investing. The 23-time grand slam champion’s venture capital firm, named ‘Serena Ventures’, was founded in 2014 through which she has made investments in over 60 companies dealing with unique businesses. Just prior to her retirement at the US Open last year, she made an investment of $5 million in pop singer and actress Selena Gomez’s start-up ‘Wondermind’.



The start-up aims to spread awareness about mental health, depression, and addiction issues. Now, almost a year after Serena Williams’ investment in Wondermind, Selena Gomez’s net worth is reported to have increased multifolds to a whopping $800 million. Unsurprisingly, this has caught the attention of Twiteratti.



Fans bemused as Selena Gomez’s net worth skyrockets
The $5 million investment by Serena Williams in August 2022 raised the valuation of Wondermind to $100 million. Not only did Williams invest in the start-up, but she also pledged to be a part of its creative and brand promotion team. The net worth of Selena Gomez, the co-founder of Wondermind, was valued at around $95 million last year.

However, as per current reports, her net worth is thought to have multiplied manifolds and is now estimated to be around $800 million.

Such a monumental jump in Gomez’s net worth has naturally left many fans scratching their heads as they expressed their bewilderment on Twitter.
One fan expressed their disbelief about Gomez’s mind-boggling net worth.

Another user echoed similar sentiments.

There was no dearth in the number of people shocked by her wealth.

A fan wondered whether Gomez was involved in any hidden business deal and took a sly dig at her ex, Justin Bieber.

Another fan opened up on their lofty wish.

One user expressed their shock at such a huge value addition and quirkily urged Selena Gomez to ‘drop a tutorial’.

Another had their own theory that explained the monumental increase in Gomez’s wealth.

Wondermind may not be the only reason behind Selena Gomez’s stupendous wealth addition, but it certainly did have a role to play in her increased net worth. And undoubtedly, Serena Williams’ involvement in the start-up has been a major contributing factor to its success. Right after the announcement of her investment, Serena Williams discussed the importance of mental health with Selena Gomez in a candid interview.



When Serena Williams conversed with Gomez regarding mental health
Throughout her illustrious career, Williams has shown exemplary mental strength and impeccable endurance both on and off the court. Hence, she is perhaps the most ideal candidate to endorse and be a part of a mental health start-up like Wondermind. After her investment,

Serena revealed how she takes care of her own mental health in a candid interview with Selena Gomez. She mentioned that she gives utmost importance to setting clear boundaries, prioritizing her own needs, and the ability to shut down when required. This ability to compartmentalize various aspects of your mental well-being has helped her achieve so much on the tennis court.

The fans might find it hard to wrap their heads around Selena Gomez’s mammoth net worth, but surely the collaborative effort of Gomez and Serena Williams in taking Wondermind to new heights will be something that everyone will root for.

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