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Sebastian Vettel Reveals Formula One Threat In Fight For Sustainability – “Would Be A Shame If It Was To Disappear”

Four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel discusses the current threat to Formula One as he continues to fight for sustainability in motorsports.

Sebastian Vettel started the Race Without Trace campaign which aims to bring more sustainable and carbon neutral fuels into motorsports.
According to his website, “carbon neutral fuel (CNF) is a fully performing fuel but one that doesn’t add CO2 to the environment, one that is a fully sustainable carbon neutral solution.”



The iconic driver featured at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last weekend, racing two legendary F1 cars on sustainable fuel. Whilst speaking to the media, including F1 Briefings, Vettel explained the background to Race Without Trace. He said: “I think the world changing is something that maybe not everybody has understood yet to a full degree. But I think it is happening and it will be happening more and more. Obviously, I love Motorsport and I would love Motorsport to continue. It would be a shame if Goodwood was to disappear as an event, if Formula One was to disappear.



“That is a threat. [It] might be far away for a lot of people now today, but as I said, the world is changing. So the actual idea is to demonstrate that we can do it in a different way.”I will have two old cars. They’re my cars and they will be sounding just like they did back in ’92 and ’93. I think it would be just as thrilling. I did have the chance last year during the British Grand Prix, 30 years after Nigel [Mansell] won in Silverstone to run the exact same car, which was great and I think the crowd loved it. And 30 years after Ayrton [Senna] drove the McLaren, I will be driving it this year up the hill.



The four-time champion continued:
“I think a lot of memories for a lot of visitors, maybe not so much for the younger audience, but I think they will be thrilled when they see the car because they’re beautiful and they sound beautiful. The main idea is to showcase that we can do it in a better way. “It is an alternative. It might not be the full answer and the answer. But I think it’s definitely heading in that direction. And the idea is obviously that you have fuels made in the laboratory synthetically rather than pumping oil out of the ground to make fuel.

“A lot of people don’t know that it exists and a lot of people don’t know that it’s, I think, for racing and for motorsport probably inevitable to do the switch. Otherwise, all these cars would disappear one day and that would be a shame.”

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