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Human Torch casting rumors: Austin Butler stuns as Human Torch in jaw-dropping ‘Fantastic Four’ image Update

Austin Butler has his eyes set on playing the Human Torch in the MCU, and this incredible new art makes a bold statement for why Marvel should consider taking him up on his offer.

The Fantastic Four have had a long and storied history in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and have been a staple of Marvel Comics for decades. They have been featured in numerous comic book series, as well as animated television shows and movies but have yet to make their formal debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



From the moment it was announced that the Fantastic Four would be joining the MCU, fans have been eagerly anticipating the team’s arrival, and their wish will finally be granted when Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four hits theaters in 2025.

It is not yet known which actors will be cast as the Fantastic Four, but that’s been part of the fun as it’s given fans the chance to fan-cast the film’s key roles. In the months since the project was first announced, there have been a lot of conversations about who should play the core characters in the Fantastic Four roster.



One name that has emerged in relation to the project has been Austin Butler, who earned rave reviews for his performance as Elvis Presley in Elvis. Hot off the role which netted him an Oscar nomination, Butler set his sights on the MCU with a desire to play the Human Torch.

Thanks to an incredible piece of fan art, we now have an idea of just what Butler could look like in the role and we have to say the end result is stunning.



What Austin Butler could look like as Human Torch in Fantastic Four


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In the incredible concept art, Butler dons the ironic blue and black-hued Fantastic Four super suit complete with the signature team logo. Of course, you can’t have the Human Torch without some flames so it’s only fitting that one of the two concepts features a version of Butler in mid-transformation.

The end result is a major argument for why Marvel should consider looking to Butler to play the character as there is no denying he more than looks the part! And as Elvis showed us, he definitely has the acting chops needed to embody a complicated character like Johnny Storm.



Is Austin Butler playing Human Torch in Marvel’s Fantastic Four
Currently, Marvel has not yet announced any casting decisions for its Fantastic Four movie, meaning it is not clear whether Austin Butler will be playing Johnny Storm aka Human Torch in the film. What we do know is that Butler is reported to be fighting hard to get the role and is making waves in expressing his desire to play the character in Marvel’s upcoming film.

In an interview with The Hot Mic podcast, Marvel insider Jeff Sneider revealed that Butler’s agents had been “putting him up for Human Torch” and that there seems to be a strong interest in helping him to book the role.



This isn’t an uncommon practice and given the anticipation around the project, it’s understandable for an actor such as Butler to be going out for the role. What will be interesting is to see if Marvel listens to Butler’s desire to be involved in the project and if they might arrange a meeting that could lead to his casting in the project.

As the above fan art shows, Butler definitely could pull off the part if given the chance. We’ll just have to see if Marvel agrees.



Human Torch casting rumors
While there have been many actors connected to the role of Mr. Fantastic and just as many actresses connected to the role of Sue Storm, there have not been many Human Torch casting rumors. The one actor whose name has emerged as a frontrunner for the role is Oscar nominee Paul Mescal.



According to insider Daniel Richtman, Marvel has offered Mescal the role of Johnny Storm which would put the ball in his court if the rumor turns out to be true. While there has been no confirmation from Marvel — which is not uncommon for the studio — Richtman has a solid track record for breaking casting scoops for big projects, so there is a strong possibility Mescal could be announced as part of the cast when Marvel Studios finally reveals the identity of the actors who will be playing the core characters in the cast.



When is the Fantastic Four cast expected to be announced?
Production on Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie is slated to begin in early 2025, which means Marvel will need to announce the cast of the film before production can begin. Given there is no major Disney event scheduled to unfold this year, it’s expected the Fantastic Four cast will be announced during San Diego Comic-Con.



Marvel Studios has often used San Diego Comic-Con to announce major projects and casting announcements, so it seems highly likely Marvel could look to drop the Fantastic Four cast reveal during a Hall H panel at this year’s event. With SDCC slated to unfold from July 19 to July 23, and Marvel typically hosting its panels on Saturday evenings, it seems we could get the Fantastic Four cast announcement on Saturday, July 22 during a potential Hall H panel from Marvel Studios.

Of course, there is a chance Marvel could look to announce the news before SDCC or sometime after — perhaps on Disney Plus Day — SDCC definitely feels like the most likely option for Marvel.

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