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Lexi Thompson Announces a Ground Breaking Partnership For a Great Innovation

The world of sports is notorious for its immense pressure and high stakes. Athletes are expected to perform flawlessly under constant scrutiny, which can have a significant impact on their mental well-being. Recognizing the importance of mental health, renowned golfer Lexi Thompson has emerged as an advocate for self-care in the golfing community.



The accomplished American professional golfer has made a groundbreaking announcement that is set to revolutionize the world of sports. Thompson, renowned for her exceptional skills and dedication to the game, has revealed a remarkable partnership with a brand that promises to bring forth a truly innovative solution.



Joining forces for pain management
Lexi Thompson, the renowned American professional golfer, has joined forces with iovera, a cutting-edge pain relief treatment, to advocate for non-opioid pain management options. In a recent Instagram post, iovera proudly announced Thompson as their newest partner and advocate, aiming to educate athletes, their families, and fans about the benefits of non-opioid solutions for pain management.

iovera is a revolutionary pain relief treatment that utilizes extreme cold to interrupt the transmission of pain signals to the brain. With immediate effectiveness and a duration of up to 90 days, iovera offers a safe and innovative approach to alleviating pain. This partnership holds tremendous potential to transform the way athletes approach pain relief, fostering a culture of well-being and minimizing the risks associated with opioid-based medications.



With their combined expertise and commitment, Lexi Thompson and iovera are poised to make a significant impact, not only in the sports industry but also in promoting the adoption of non-opioid pain management options across various spheres of life. By advocating for this revolutionary treatment, they are paving the way for a healthier and safer approach to managing pain.

Lexi Thompson once took a stand for prioritizing mental health
Thompson’s stance on mental wellness became evident when she openly discussed the challenges athletes face both mentally and physically. Drawing inspiration from Simone Biles’ decision to prioritize her mental health during the Tokyo Olympics, Thompson took a bold step in addressing this issue head-on.



Having experienced mental exhaustion in the past, Thompson understands the toll it can take on an athlete. She previously withdrew from the 2018 Women’s British Open due to mental exhaustion, highlighting the need to address and prioritize mental well-being.

Recently, after a challenging performance at the Aramco Series, Thompson announced a temporary break from the sport. Through an Instagram post, she expressed the importance of taking time for herself and engaging in activities that hold personal significance. By doing so, she not only sets an example for her fans but also emphasizes the necessity of self-love and self-care.



Thompson’s decision to prioritize her own needs over golf sends a powerful message. It reminds athletes and fans alike, that mental health should never be compromised for the sake of performance. By taking this stand, Thompson empowers others to prioritize their well-being and contributes to the ongoing conversation surrounding mental as well as physical health in sports.

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