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Selena Gomez’s net worth skyrockets to $800m after Serena Williams’ investment

Prior to her retirement at the US Open last year, Serena Williams made a notable investment of $5 million in the start-up ‘Wondermind’, led by pop singer and actress Selena Gomez.

Wondermind aims to raise awareness about mental health, depression, and addiction issues. Almost a year after Serena Williams’ investment in the start-up, Gomez’s net worth has reportedly skyrocketed to an impressive $800 million. This remarkable increase has captured the attention of social media users.



Serena Williams’ $5 million investment in August 2022 boosted Wondermind’s valuation to $100 million. Besides investing, Williams also pledged her involvement in the start-up’s creative and brand promotion endeavors. In contrast, Selena Gomez’s net worth was estimated to be around $95 million last year.



However, recent reports indicate a significant surge in Gomez’s net worth, now standing at approximately $800 million. This astonishing leap has left many fans on Twitter amazed and bewildered.

“How did she make all that money tho,” a user wondered.



Another added: “Find $800 MIL hard to believe, especially up from $95 MIL. Unless she sold a company or something. I don’t know if she owns her masters but selling her catalogue wouldn’t be that much.”

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