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6 Years After Losing Mother to Cancer, American Tennis Legend John McEnroe Sends Heart-Felt Message to ESPN Commentator Over His Harrowing Health Journey

John McEnroe, a legend of the game, received one of the saddest news that no one wants to hear six years ago. In 2017, his mother died after battling cancer for a while at the ripe old age of 81. This took a heavy toll on his life. However, little did he know that post this news, there was one more in the line recently.



While it was hard for him to digest his mother’s demise, another news surrounding one of his friends has circulated that has had John in deep stress. However, his heartfelt message will serve as a source of strength for his friend to battle the disease and make a strong comeback.



John McEnroe sends a heartfelt message to Dick Vitale
John’s close friend and longtime commentary partner, Dick Vitale, now faces a formidable battle against cancer. Their bond extended far beyond the tennis court, as they collaborated on numerous occasions, enriching the sport with their insightful commentary. The duo had graced stages together, entertaining fans with their lively banter and deep knowledge of the game.
Vitale recently took to twitter to announce that he received an endearing message from the tennis legend which gave him the energy to battle through it and recover as soon as possible.



“Received this inspiring message from tennis Hall of Famer JOHN McEnroe / meant so much to me @ESPNPR Dick, John McEnroe here, just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you and pulling for you, it wasn’t until I came to the event this year the amount of time, energy, and love you put into the gala, I know you will battle once again like you Always have to deal with this latest (temporary) setback and want you to know the entire McEnroe family is pulling for you , see you soon, Jm”, tweeted Vitale.

As John witnessed Vitale’s dedication to charity work, particularly his tireless efforts at organizing gala events, he understood the magnitude of his friend’s compassionate soul. Now, in this challenging period, John extends his heartfelt prayers and unwavering support to his colleague, believing in his indomitable spirit to conquer yet another temporary setback.

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