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“I’ve Got to Kind of Just… “: Moments After a Massive Backlash, Justin Thomas Discloses an Honest Confession Regarding His Unsteady Performance

Undoubtedly, when Justin Thomas claimed that illustrious 2022 PGA Championship title, the golf world believed they were looking at a star player. And that is true; given JT’s PGA Tour records and major tournament laurels, it isn’t far-fetched to claim him as a skilled professional. However, lately, his form hasn’t been at its peak. In fact, the absence of a wow moment on the greens has attracted a lot of criticism against the golfer.



Those who had cheered for the golfer during his highest performance have not long ago clinically attacked the 15-time PGA Tour winner through words. However, these rough patches are part of the game. Only through strong determination and an optimistic outlook can one overcome these. Justin Thomas appears to have a similar mindset, as he got candid about his recent unsteady performance!



Justin Thomas sincerely shares his input regarding his current performances

Challenging times, especially as an athlete, require a pragmatic panorama—one that allows an individual to see the entire picture rather than a part of it. Justin Thomas, acknowledging his recent difficulties scoring on the greens, seemed to think along similar lines. According to NUCLR GOLF, he confidently replied, “I really feel like great things are coming“.



Admitting the lack of results or positives at recent tournaments, JT felt that he has played better golf than what the scores and finishes have presented. To reinforce his statement, Thomas recalled his Travelers Championship finish, which was 17 under par at T9. Referencing it, the PGA Tour Pro expressed that Keegan Bradley was definitely playing exceptionally well, but his score could have also easily pushed him to a top 2, 3, 4, or 5 finish.

Expectantly, Thomas revealed that he has been doing things pretty well. “I’ve got to kind of just get over that hurdle [of scoring]“, the 2017 PGA Championship winner said. He also felt that he was quite close to overcoming his golfing obstacles and added, “Hopefully, this is the week that it all clicks and comes together.”

However, of late, fans haven’t been quite convinced by Thomas’ performances on the greens. In fact, his recent Open Championship results attracted a lot of fan scrutiny that eventually produced some heavy backlash.



Substantial scrutiny of JT’s score at the 2023 Open Championship
Examining the very recent golf major, the Open Championship, Justin Thomas evidently has delivered his best. Where other golfers also struggled on the monstrous Liverpool course, JT shockingly recorded his name among those who couldn’t make the cut for the tournament. Out of the four major championships, the 30-year-old has missed the cut at three of them this year.

These results were enough to draw out trolls from the golf community. They couldn’t help but put Thomas’ recent outcomes under the microscope, so much so that one of them compared the golfer with 57-year-old John Daly, who hardly plays to win anymore. The latter’s score last Thursday was 7 over par, 4 shots ahead of JT, who conceded an 11-over 82.



Prior to this, the golf professional was also criticized by the fans for a terrible shot. It was executed over a bunker; but rather than making it across, it fell back into the bunker. All this wasn’t expected of a featured group player by golf enthusiasts. However, the recent confession from Thomas might have made his fans sigh in relief. Even the golf diva, Paige Spiranac, addressed the professional with encouraging words and accepted how at times it can get challenging on the greens, silencing the viewers who spoke harshly against Justin Thomas.

Anyhow, looking at the golfer’s optimistic mindset and positive drive toward better tournaments, the golf community is also likely to anticipate a powerful performance from the 2-time major champion.

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