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Golfer or a Model?: Setting the Internet Ablaze, Golf World’s Boo Paige Spiranac Leaves Netizens Spellbound

Paige Spiranac is a name that frequently echoes through the golfing world. She is famous for her sparkling discussions about the game and for posting content on her social media handles related to the same. Her passionate involvement in the sport has led her to become the biggest influencer in the world of golf.



While people do look at her content because of the tips and information about the game that she posts, she is also famous for her unrivaled beauty. The golf queen has been able to captivate many hearts due to her unparalleled glamour in the golfing world. And the diva has done it again, as she shared a recent video that has left her fans excited and wanting more!



Paige Spiranac stuns through her recent viral TikTok video
While reigning at the top of the sport’s social media world, the influencer constantly keeps her followers on their toes as she shares videos related to the game of golf. But her latest post celebrates her body more than golf. Spiranac recently posted a video of herself in which she managed to capture her fans hearts and flaunt the attractive side of the diva.



In the TikTok post, she is seen posing in different styles as the video takes different pictures of her in various postures. The video is accompanied by the song “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift, which accentuates her golfing beauty as she poses. She uploaded the post with the caption “Golfer or a model? Lolll” to focus on how she has an attractive side while being a golfer. Moreover, the influencer has dressed in bold attire to further highlight her beauty.



Touted as the “Sexiest Woman Alive” in 2022 by Maxim, the golf influencer has been able to reign supreme in the golfing community when it comes to social media reach. While the former professional golfer couldn’t achieve much success on the greens, she has channeled her love for the game to rise to unbelievable fame in the golfing community. Moreover, she also launched OnlyPaige, much like OnlyFans, which acts as a door to her life minus the explicit content.



Spiranac’s model side draws in a frenzy of responses
The 30-year-old influencer shared the video of her posing along with the intriguing caption to remind the golfing world that she is not just a golfer but also a model. By dressing up in her body-flaunting attire, the ex-pro golfer has managed to garner numerous responses from her followers and the golfing community. Her fans sent in an overwhelming number of reactions, which mostly included compliments.



There were people who responded to the question she posed after watching the video. They commented, saying that she was both a model and a golfer.

“Your a model golfer 😉😁😁✌”

“You’re doing well in both worlds😍😍🔥🔥@Paige Spiranac”

“Damn good at both of them”

“Golfer / model. why can’t you do both??? 😁🥰😁”

There were fans who said that she was good at being both and was such a helping hand to others too.

“You’re both, but most importantly keep being you and helping others!”

“Definitely both and……. A overall good person”

One fan mentioned hilariously that he felt like she was more of a model today than a golfer.

“Today a model😂”

Some were bold enough to ask for golfing tips under the video.

“You’re the best 🥰. Need some more golfing tips too 😁”

One person asked the golfer which of the two made her happy, suggesting she be whatever she wants to be as long as she is satisfied.

“What makes you the most happy?”

As the TikTok post goes viral for her captivating beauty and charm, one can’t help but agree with the fact that she is the reigning queen of social media in the golfing world.

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