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‘You Are a Pleasure to Watch’: Golf Fans Pour Their Hearts Out as Jordan Spieth Celebrates His 30th Birthday

The problem with sports stars is that fans care deeply about their accomplishments outside of their games. Fans are often curious about what is happening in the lives of their favorites. They never miss the chance to celebrate their favorite athletes. Jordan Spieth has been one of the finest players on the PGA Tour.



Spieth has sixteen professional victories as well as three major victories to his credit. He finished the Open Championship at T23. And now he has accomplished another life milestone. Let’s find out more!
Jordan Spieth celebrates a major life milestone
This is a special year for Spieth. He is about to add another member to his family and is getting ready for the most challenging role of his life: being a dad. And with that on the line, he now has another milestone to celebrate.



Spieth’s blazing twenties are now over. Born on July 27, 1993, he has officially turned thirty today. Golf Digest celebrates his special day on Twitter with the post: ”The big 3-0! Jordan Spieth turns 30 today.”

Spieth turned professional in 2012. Those who are his ardent followers have been following his impressive game since he was just 19. Growing in life in front of millions of fans must be surreal for him. When asked about how he was feeling about turning 30 and moving into a different phase of his career, Spieth replied casually,”I still feel like one of the younger ones out here.”



Surely age is just a number, as many players are proving it time and again on the field that everything is possible no matter what age, gender and even a pregnancy! But let’s see how fans celebrated the 3 times major winner’s birthday.

Golf world celebrates Spieth’s birthday with unique wishes
Many fans couldn’t help but post lovely messages under the post. They wished Spieth a happy 30th birthday. One fan praised Spieth for his incredible game throughout these years:

One fan even took a trip down memory lane and shared his experience watching Spieth play at the mere age of sixteen:

Many fans couldn’t help but notice Spieth’s hairstyle in the photos. Some said the hairstyle made him look older:

This is certainly a remarkable year for Jordan Spieth. Though he already showed his timeless worth in golf, we hope that with each passing day, his game becomes more classy and amazing. And we can’t wait to see him celebrate his next birthday with a special little one.

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