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‘Average at All Levels’- Roger Federer Fanboy’s Mother Comes Clean on the Real Reason Behind Her Son Choosing Tennis Over Soccer

In an exclusive interview with the French monthly magazine L’officiel, Aneke, the mother of Danish tennis prodigy Holger Rune, shed light on the intriguing story behind her son’s passion for tennis. As the youngest player since Nadal in 2006 to reach the final of the prestigious Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, the world has been eager to know the secrets behind Holger Rune’s incredible rise to fame.



Choosing a career path is never an easy task, but for Holger Rune, it seems that his love for tennis was instilled in him from a very young age. Rune’s mother Aneke’s guidance and support have undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping his destiny on the court.

A mother’s influence in nurturing a tennis prodigy

For Aneke, the question of finding the best path for her son was easily settled. Holger had tried his hand at football as a kid, but Aneke soon realized that he felt uncomfortable and too tall to fit comfortably in a team sport. It was during this time that Holger’s big sister, Alma, played tennis, and that’s when he tried his hand at it as well. Right away, they felt the connection, and it became clear to Aneke that tennis was his true calling.



Aneke then shared her thoughts on the path she chose for her son, Holger Rune. “You can’t be better everywhere,” she revealed. “The risk, if you try to be first in all areas, is to be average at all levels. Holger immediately had tennis – I pushed him down that path, against the rest. The competitions started seven years ago – on the scale of a teenager, that’s no small thing” she further added according to L’officiel.



It seemed that Aneke recognized her son’s potential early on and made a bold decision to focus solely on tennis, setting him on a trajectory that would eventually lead to international acclaim. This decision was not without its criticism. But Aneke stood firm in her belief that specialization would pave the way for greatness.

At just 20 years old, Holger Rune has already achieved remarkable milestones. Most recently, he made headlines by reaching the final of the prestigious Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, a crucial ATP tournament marking the beginning of the European clay season. In doing so, Rune became the youngest player since Rafael Nadal in 2006 to make it to the final of this revered event.



Holger Rune’s Monte-Carlo heartbreak
In the final showdown, the Danish prodigy faced off against the formidable Andrey Rublev. Though he didn’t emerge victorious, Holger showcased his undeniable talent and determination. “I obviously feel like it was a long match yesterday. We finished late,” Rune expressed after the match. “I didn’t have much time to recover. It is what it is. I gave it all. Didn’t have any more in me. I did what I could, and I was very close. Holger Rune had aimed to emulate a then-19-year-old Rafael Nadal, who triumphed in Monte-Carlo in 2006. But fate had other plans.

While triumphing in Monte-Carlo would have been a historic feat, Holger Rune’s journey and growth as a player shines as the real triumph. His unwavering determination, relentless pursuit of excellence, and passion for the sport have already placed him among the brightest stars in the tennis circuit.

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