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Currently On An Indefinite Break, Tiger Woods Continues to Get Commemorated For His Inhuman Contribution to Golf

In the world of golf, the evolution of spinning money for motivation is relatively new. To be perfectly honest, up until Tiger Woods started making headlines, drawing TRPs, huge endorsements, and a massive number of eyeballs, major players were pretty much just getting by.



But with the advent of the Saudi-backed LIV golf league and the subsequent upheaval in prize money and earnings on the PGA Tour, has changed the golf landscape for the better. Let us take a look at how the situation has changed over time.

How the face of golf earnings has changed in the past 4 decades

In the 1980s golf pros on the money list making it into the Tour had not much to look forward to financially. As shared by Lou Stagner on Twitter , the 125th-ranked player on the money list earned $19,895 when the cost of living required a solid $2000 more than that.



Then, in the mid-90s, Tiger Woods entered the scene of professional golf. His extraordinary talents on the links instantly attracted sponsors and made him a fan favorite. This inspired more coverage, thus improving the viewership of events. Eventually, the prize money started to increase dramatically. When he first donned the green jacket at the 1997 Masters, Woods won a little short of half a million. By the time he wore that jacket again in 2001, his winner’s payout was a massive $1.5 million.



Since then, several golf tournaments have undergone an expanding prize purse each year till the stats showed that in 2022, the player ranked 125th on the money list had a hefty sum of $1,026,002 when the cost of living was easily covered by $87,864!

The increase in golf purses has made it a more favored professional sport that spring players are flocking to, unleashing their talents, and hoping to shine brighter in a field in which they excel.

What fans have to say about the incredible transformation of payouts
Some fans are thrilled to see the progress in the amount next to the players on the money list. It is inspiring, and they credit this change to Woods for altering the pace. One fan fondly said, “Also, kudos to the Tiger effect. In 1996, I believe the top 9 on the money list were at $1M+ out of the top 125. Now everyone in top 125 earns $1M+. Of course before expenses and I’m sure inflation helped, but quite a bump in just 25 years.” While another fan added, “This is why every professional golfer should tithe 10% to Tiger.”

Some fans believe the golfing world ought to thank Tiger Woods for changing the outlook of the sport and people’s perception of it. They added with love, “They all need to send a thank you note to Tiger,” and “Tiger brought the big money in.”

There are also fans who credit Phil Mickelson and the whole LIV Golf agenda for the massive increase in prize purse in the last year alone. They shared their views saying, “Now do the numbers before LIV, Phil forced the tour to pay those guys more.”

Of course, some admirers of the sport pointed out the nuances involved with the earnings.

Needless to say, fans and non-admirers have different approaches to the increased prize money, accounting inflation, and various other factors. However, the players vying for a professional tour card to turn pro and try their skills against prolific golfers are more inspired than ever.

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