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TikTok’s Stealthy Tactics: Paige Spiranac Reveals the Shocking Truth About Her Content Categorization Woes and Shadow Ban Struggles

Golf influencer Paige Spiranac has gained a sizable 1.5 million followers on TikTok thanks to her countless golf videos and funny personal posts. But in recent weeks, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model has seen her TikTok views take a nosedive, going from as many as several million views per video down to just tens of thousands.



On July 25, the former pro golfer addressed the sharp decline in viewership and attributed it to her chest. “So I was told that all of my content is shadow banned because of the girls,” she said while zooming in on her cleavage. “I don’t get it, because when I’m scrolling through the ‘For You page,’ I have girls in bikinis dancing to ‘One Margarita,’ and I’m like, ‘Yes, girl, get it!’ but I also want to get it!”



The video’s caption explained her dilemma. “No one is able to see my videos these days,” she admitted. “Anyone else struggling with this?” Her plea to TikTok was simple: “Make the guidelines make sense.”

@_paige.reneeNo one is able to see my videos these days. Anyone else struggling with this?

♬ original sound – Paige Spiranac



She further outlined her issues in the comments, noting that it’s not just videos that prominently feature her chest that suffer from lack of views. “My golf videos are shadow banned!” she said. “I post multiple golf videos and only like 100 people see them so I just keep trying to repost and it doesn’t work.”



Spiranac’s TikTok bio is linked to her website, OnlyPaige. Meant to be a spin on the popular content creation site OnlyFans, OnlyPaige promises “VIP access to all things Paige…except THAT.” It also advertises “Golf instruction, peeks into everyday life, live streams, plus new content uploaded weekly.” But despite her PG-rated videos on her website discussing things like her favorite golfer or her favorite sports team, she says TikTok algorithm is apparently suppressing her content simply because of her bust.



Likes and comments often help a TikTok user break through the algorithm more easily, so interact with Spiranac’s posts if you’d like to see her videos more often.

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