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‘Completely Shocked’- Fans Left Heartbroken as Novak Djokovic’s Wife Shares a Devastating News

The Novak Djokovic Foundation, founded by the world-renowned Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, is a charitable organization that has been making a significant impact in the field of early childhood education and development since its inception in 2007. The Foundation’s primary focus is on providing quality education and a nurturing environment for underprivileged children in Serbia and across the world.



Padma Rajan was one of the foundation’s most ardent supporters. Padma, an Indian-origin entrepreneur and philanthropist, had been actively involved in various charitable causes, especially in the field of education. Recently, Padma passed away, which left everyone in dismay including Novak’s wife Jelena who shared her condolences on social media and their fans reacted to it.



Novak Djokovic’s wife’s condolences on Padma Rajan’s death stir fans’ emotions

Rajan’s passion for helping others and her unwavering belief in the power of education as a tool for change aligns perfectly with the Novak Djokovic Foundation’s mission.

After the passing of Padma, Jelena posted “I remember Padma very well. What a beautiful soul she is! Usually, when people hug me, they say how tiny I am. But I remember hugging her and feeling how gentle, almost fragile she is! How much love I felt and kindness in our few encounters.”

After Jelena posted this beautiful message for Padma, many fans joined the conversation. One of the Twitter users wrote an emotional message, “I remember you wrote about meeting her at the USO 2021. Must have been wonderful for you both. She was a lovely woman who touched the lives of everyone she met.”

One Twitter user also appreciated Jelena by saying, “This is a great gesture from Jelena.”

Another one joined to pay their condolences as well by adding, “Rest in peace, Padma.”

People were heartbroken and shocked after this news and had no words to express their emotions. They could only leave emojis of broken hearts and wonder how something like this could happen.

When the world loses a soul like Padma, it is certainly news that takes time for everyone to absorb. We hope the fans of Novak and Padma’s well-wishers overcome this sad loss soon.

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