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Despite Backlash, ‘Superbrat’ John McEnroe Adds Hefty Six-Figure Paycheck as He Creates BBC History Surpassing the Legendary Sue Barker

Tennis players find it hard to distance themselves from the game when they step away from the sport. So they find ways to stay in the sport and continue their passion. Players like Chris Evert, Martina Navratilova, and also Jelena Dokic found their comfort in commentating for matches after offering their best to the game. One legend who has created a name for himself due to his skills with a mic is certainly the ‘Superbrat’ John McEnroe. His casual style of commentating has made him a sought-after analyst, and it has certainly filled his coffers, as revealed by the annual wages release of the BBC.



McEnroe has been a commentator for over two decades now, working with lead broadcasting agencies like NBC, ESPN, and BBC. He is the highest-paid BBC Commentator ever, and the recent decision of the broadcasting channel made people frenzy over his commenting career.
BBC stunned the world by disclosing the updated salary of John McEnroe
The American tennis legend has been entertaining viewers with his commentary, and people sometimes watch a match just to listen to him commentating. McEnroe’s Wimbledon Championships commentary is as entertaining and thrilling as the game itself, and sometimes even more but never less.



Though McEnroe had his controversial moments, they did not affect his new career, as he was always regarded as a ‘superbrat.’ This only fueled his image and earned him more limelight. He has been with the BBC for over 9 years, and according to its policy, the salaries of professionals earning over $192,690 are to be released to the public. The American legend falls under this category, and the BBC revealed that he earns between $263,343 – $268,481. This was 10% more than what he earned at last year’s Grass Slam. Despite his salary, McEnroe was not chosen to commentate during the men’s singles final, but he was present in the commentary box during women’s singles final. He is the highest-paid commentator, and legends who started before him, too, did not earn so much in just 2 weeks.



How do other legends compare to McEnroe in terms of their salaries?

Sue Barker stepped down from her post at the BBC last year after serving for 30 long years. She earned between $237,651 – $244,073 in 2022-23, which is less than what McEnroe did, despite joining nearly 20 years after her. Barker was replaced by Clare Balding, who earned between $228,659 – $237,650, which is less than the former presenter.

McEnroe’s two weeks’ earnings are more than the grants received by junior tennis players who aspire to make it big in the game. The seven-time Grand Slam singles champion is usually composed and calm in his commentator avatar, but controversy seems to find its way to the American legend.



The highest-paid tennis commentator compensated for his outrageous on-court behavior with humor that goes beyond the limit. During this year’s Wimbledon, John Millman slammed the 64-year-old American tennis legend for insulting Nicolas Jarry as the lesser-known player. Balding also had to shut McEnroe down for his explicit remark when Henman made a cricket reference. Nevertheless, the presence of the American legend means likely higher viewership, and McEnroe is taking full advantage of it.

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