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Blake Lively’s hilarious Instagram post clears up who isn’t the father of her kids

Blake Lively, who shares four children with her husband Ryan Reynolds, recently had a humorous moment on Instagram where she playfully clarified the identity of her baby daddy, or rather, who isn’t the father of her kids.

The 35-year-old actress wowed her followers with a stunning photo of herself donning a red-orange bikini that showcased her toned figure. Alongside the picture, Lively captioned, “K now im gonna draw it with AI… Uncanny.”

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are proud parents to daughters James, 8, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3, and they welcomed their fourth child into the world in February. With baby number four still in its infancy, it’s no wonder Lively has managed to get back to her pre-pregnancy shape quickly.

A curious fan couldn’t help but express amazement and asked how she managed to have four children and still look so good. Blake’s response was on point as she tagged her personal trainer, Don Saladino, giving credit where credit was due.

She clarified her comment
But she wasn’t done yet. Blake lightheartedly clarified her comment, making sure everyone got the joke. She wrote: “Wait, no. That’s not how. He’s not the father. He’s just the one who helps me fit into (some of) my clothes again after. He’s an even better person and friend than a trainer. And that’s saying a lot.”

This isn’t the first time Blake Lively has playfully acknowledged her trainer’s role in her fitness journey. Back in January, while she was still pregnant with her fourth child, she shared two photos side by side with Don Saladino. In the first photo, she posed with her pre-pregnancy figure, and in the second, she appeared almost ready to pop, with a humorous expression.

“I’ve been doing @donsaladino’s workout program for months now. Something isn’t working,” she teased in the caption.

Blake Lively’s Instagram posts not only showcase her wit and sense of humor but also highlight her appreciation for the support system that helps her stay in shape.

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