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Discover the Heartfelt Story Behind Fred Couples’ Glove-Free Swing – A Tale of Strength and Resilience

Golf equipment is considered a key element for any golfer. As one plays, one even gets used to a particular type of equipment. Of course, every player has their own unique style, where they play with whatever items they feel most comfortable with. However, in Fred Couples’ case, it is an item he does not wear that is most comforting for him. PGA TOUR Champions recently posted about Fred speaking of gloves, and why he does not use them. The 62-year-old last played at Constellation Furyk and Friends, where he finished T19.

Why does Fred Couples not use gloves while playing?
Before the Charles Schwab Cup Championship began, Couples revealed why he never uses gloves. “I got 5 bucks a day for golf. I played everyday,” Couples said. He added that he played everyday and ruined them due to the weather. As a result, his parents put an end to him buying gloves every single day. “My parents said, ‘listen we can’t afford to keep buying you $8 golf gloves’. So I just stopped wearing them”. Over the years, golf equipment has only gotten more expensive. That being said, everyone eventually works and plays with what they like. As the 15-time PGA Tour winner has been playing without gloves this entire time, he probably cannot adjust with gloves anymore.

Couples’ 2020-21 season
He finished second thrice during the 2020-21 season, which is a part of 12 top-ten finishes. The Mitsubishi Electric Championship at Hualalai, the Hoag Classic, and the American Family Insurance Championship are his three T2 finishes.Now, he will be playing the Charles Schwab Cup Championship which is being held at Phoenix Country Club in Phoenix, Arizona.

He started playing for the PGA Tour Champions in 2010 with the Mitsubishi Electric Championship in Hawaii. Couples has been successful on the Champions Tour, winning 13 events in total. His first win came from The ACE Group Classic in 2010.Couples’ first PGA Tour win was the Kemper Open in 1983. His last win was the Shell Houston Open in 2003. Apart from playing on the course, Couples has also designed courses with Gene D Bates. He has also been part of a video game while partnering up with brands over the course of his career.

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