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Is Paige Spiranac being shadow-banned by TikTok because of her cleavage?

Paige Spiranac wants her TikTok views back.

The golf influencer posted a video on the social media platform complaining that she is being shadow-banned.

Spiranac, who appears in the video wearing a white shirt tied below her cleavage, claimed that her views on TikTok have been noticeably down recently and she knows why.



The 30-year-old model went on to explain that the reason for her video’s low performance are “her girls” as she calls her chest.

Paige: “Make the guidelines make sense”
In the video, which has garnered over 100 thousand views on the platform, Paige looked directly at the camera to explain her current ordeal with TikTok.



“So I was told that all of my content is shadow-banned because of the girls,” Spiranac said while tilting the camera and bringing it closer to her chest.

She went on to say how she is perplexed by the platform’s double standards because she sees other girls showing off on her ‘For You Page’ but yet she is being punished by the guidelines for doing the same thing.



“I don’t get it, because when I’m scrolling through the ‘For You page,’ I have girls in bikinis dancing to ‘One Margarita,’ and I’m like, ‘Yes, girl, get it!’ but I also want to get it!”

Paige expressed her disdain for the platform’s policies by placing a message directly on the video that says “Make the guidelines make sense”.



In her caption she also asked her followers if they are also struggling with the same issue on the platform: “No one is able to see my videos these days. Anyone else struggling with this?”



What is shadow-banning?
Shadow-banning, which was first considered a myth, is when a user is being censored by a social media platform by not distributing their content to as many users or followers as before because it considers it to be problematic.

Users have reported being shadow-banned on all major social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, X (previously Twitter), and of course, TikTok.



In Paige Spiranic’s case, she was used to seeing her videos occasionally reach the 1 million views mark (her most watched video has 5.7 million), but in the last weeks, her videos have struggled to reach even 100,000 views.

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