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‘Really Messed Up’: Months Before His Bad Performance, Justin Thomas Opened Up About His Love for Pizza

When there is so much at stake, players need to be extra careful with their bodies. One of the most crucial things an athlete needs to take care of is their health. A player works on their body for years, and diet and nutrition are equally crucial to that process. Bryson DeChambeau, a.k.a. The ‘Mad Scientist,’ is the best illustration of a body transformation.



However, excellent health does not come naturally. One must give up certain comforts and make certain sacrifices in order to maintain their health and fitness. Habits, though, don’t alter so easily. Many people experience recurrent cravings, much as American pro golfer Justin Thomas did.

Justin Thomas on his favorite food
Thomas made great changes to his diet. He has been following a gluten-free and dairy-free diet for a significant amount of time. Even though he is drastically altering his diet, some circumstances occasionally make him crave his favorite food. At the Well Fargo Championship, the way he spoke about pizza would make anyone crave it at that moment. He even stated that he would do anything for pizza. “I want a pizza like you cannot imagine,” he said, as per Golf Digest. “Like, I would do some really messed up things for a pizza just doused in ranch.”



Thomas further asserted that new meals couldn’t compete with his personal favorites. “Sometimes I’ll just suck in and get a nice breath of fresh air,” he joked. What, though, prompts Thomas to follow a gluten-free diet? The reason behind the 30-year-old golfer’s diet
Thomas opened up about his fatigue. Since golfers need to stay under the sun for so long for their games, the heat was kind of messing up Thomas’ stomach.



He would become lethargic and dehydrated after a hard day on the field. He wouldn’t have much energy even the next morning. This prompted him to get checked out. Thomas decided to follow a gluten-free diet for a whole year and a dairy-free diet for six months due to his dietary sensitivity. Well, if the diet is keeping Thomas healthy and energetic, then it would be the best decision. Cravings will definitely haunt him even in the future, but how much he can control all of them will define the success of his diet.

Recently, Thomas is having hard time on the course with his performances. Hope the new diet will improve Thomas’ form in future games as well, since he is optimistic about it as well.

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