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Tennis Controversy Erupts as Nasty Comment on 22-Year-Old Iga Swiatek Enrages Fans

Iga Swiatek continues to assert her dominance in the WTA tour. The world number 1 has held her ranking for 70 consecutive weeks now and it seems like she could be hard to dethrone. By adding the Warsow Open title to her cabinet, she has also reigned supreme in front of her home crowd. Almost, like nothing could go wrong for the 22-year-old at the moment, right?



However, a former tennis player has managed to demean Swiatek’s accolades. Jimmy Arias who also happens to be a commentator for Tennis Channel was critical of the Pole’s on-court attire. His disrespectful comments received plenty of flak from the fans as they came to the world number 1’s rescue.
Twitterati blasts Iga Swiatek’s critics
Arias tried to belittle Swiatek right after her triumph in Warsaw. He said, “ I don’t think she’s been great for women’s tennis bc she wears her hat so low that you can’t even see her face or eyes during the match, so you don’t get a connection as much as you could… I want to see her personality.”

One thing about tennis fans is that they would always defend the top players of the sport. Arias was not going to escape fans’ wrath here as they questioned his ridiculous take.

A fan pointed out the level of scrutiny women have to face in sports.

“Can’t get much dumber than that.” These words could be enough to describe Arias’ opinion.

Another fan came to Swiatek’s rescue and mentioned how she is an example for the rest of the tour.

“Easily the front runner for the most nonsensical tennis opinion of the year..!“, said a fan after completely disagreeing with Arias.

A fan also posted an image of Arias’ mediocre tennis career as compared to Swiatek’s illustrious one to humiliate the former, while telling him to “grill some wings“.

Well, alongside the fans, there was another popular tennis figure who came to Swiatek’s defense. But who else defended the world number 1 here?

Australian tennis Ace ridicules Jimmy Arias
Well, Nick Kyrgios is the first name that comes to one’s mind while talking about Australian tennis. He is usually known for his controversial takes himself, but today the Aussie was with the general public. He replies to Arias’ quote and said, “Another horrible take 😂“. The 28-year-old does not usually tweet in defense of players. However, the absurd hatred of the world number 1, forced the controversial Aussie star to lash out at the commentator.

Did you expect Nick Kyrgios to defend Iga Swiatek? Do let us know in the comments.

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