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66-Year-Old Martina Navratilova Takes Sly Dig at Billionaire Elon Musk’s Massive Revamp of His $43 Billion Product

Martina Navratilova has always been bold, brave and expressed her opinions without fear. She uses social media like her weapon to spread awareness on things that matter or take a dig at things or even people who annoy her. It is a well-known fact that Navratilova was in disapproval of Elon Musk taking over Twitter ever since the news first broke. The American legend never missed a chance to belittle the changes that Musk brought to the microblogging site. After recently changing the logo on the platform, Musk decided to display it to the world. Unsurprisingly, this move drew the ire of the 59-time Grand Slam champion.



The ‘Space X’ CEO made a huge move that disturbed the people to the extent that the local authorities had to intervene. Navratilova grabbed this opportunity to offer her sarcastic take on the issue.
Martina Navratilova taunts the outcome of Musk’s latest move
The former CEO of Twitter made the logo change official by erecting a huge ‘X’ on the top of the San Francisco headquarters. But this move did not go as planned, as it proved to be disturbing to the residents around the building. The officials said that it violated safety codes, and the high-intensity blinking lights beamed right into the surrounding apartments.



After enjoying the logo for three days at the headquarters, Musk was forced to take it down. A day before, workers were summoned to take the huge ‘X’ out of sight from the top. The 9-time Wimbledon winner took to her Twitter handle to share the news, reported by ‘HuffPost,’ and commented, “Do not disturb- genius at work!!!”

This is not the first time the former world no.1 disclosed her anti-Musk stance. The 66-year-old widely condemns actions that do not align with her views. Musk’s controversial statement about being woke, launching an innovative EV automobile, and the new blue-tick policy have attracted flak from the tennis legend.

Elon Musk could not escape from the chiding of ‘woke’ athlete

Whether it is demeaning women, the LGBTQIA+ community, or mental health issues, Navratilova is always there to voice her opinions and stand for the things she believes in. When the former richest person in the world tweeted in December 2022 that a woke mind is a virus and nothing matters till it is defeated, the 59 major titles winner replied, “Musk is even worse than we could have imagined. Never ever will I (knowingly) buy anything that is connected to Musk. Never.”



In November last year, Musk imposed a bill of $8 per month for the renewal of the blue tick. Tweeting about this, Navratilova wrote that she did not ask for a verification badge in the first place and that the microblogging site is free to take away what was given to her. She said that people already know her, and a tick doesn’t matter.

Recently, in July, the Hall of Famer stood by her words of never wanting to buy anything from Musk. The CEO of Tesla Motors announced the launch of the first Cybertruck in 2019, and years of delay, mass production is set to begin in 2024. Despite being a car fanatic and automobile enthusiast, the oldest player to win a Slam called the new model ugly. It is irony at its peak as Navratilova uses Musk’s platform to express opinions against him.

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