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Dazzled by Her Understated Grace” – Andre Agassi Reveals How Steffi Graf’s “Effortless Beauty” Left Him Speechless, Despite Her Unassuming Reply

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf have a wonderful love story. The tennis greats met a long time before they actually married. Meanwhile, Agassi married actress Brooke Shields, had a two-year marriage, and parted ways. Back in 1991, Agassi wouldn’t have thought about all these things.

All he wanted to do was to have a chance to impress the lady. In his autobiography, Agassi recalls how he felt after meeting Graf for the first time.



When Andre Agassi fancied his chances to impress Steffi Graf
Today, Agassi and Graf are a happily married couple. They exchanged wedding vows in 2001 and have been together ever since. They also have two kids. In 2009, Agassi released his autobiography, ‘Open’. While the book made more noise because of his meth consumption admission, there was a sweet story in the book too. It was about how Agassi trying to impress his now-wife, Steffi Graf. Recalling the French Open 1991, Agassi wrote, “I was thunderstruck, dazzled by her understated grace, her effortless beauty … I tried to get a message to her after [1991’s] French Open, but she didn’t respond.”



Later in Wimbledon 1992, both Graf and Agassi ended their campaign as champions. Agassi was excited to get a chance to dance with Graf, as the Wimbledon tradition goes. However, it didn’t go as he expected. Steffi Graf recalls she never wanted to do it. “I worked them real hard to cancel it. I’ve never learned how to dance the proper way … I wasn’t looking forward to it in that sense,” Graf recalled.

However, the two of them met later while posing with their trophies. Agassi penned down the beautiful moment in his book. “I say, ‘I’d really love to talk with you sometime’. She doesn’t respond. She merely smiles, an enigmatic smile, and I can’t tell if she’s happy about what I’ve just said, or nervous,” Agassi recalls.



Agassi once compared managing his marriage with managing a good business
After 21 years of marriage, the spark between Agassi and Graf can easily match to that of a young couple. The tennis legends have managed their relationship really well and enjoy their life together. When asked about how he manages his marriage, the eight-time Grand Slam champion compared it with managing a good business.

Agassi explains that the key is to stay pretty nimble in all stages of life. He further added that he bets on Graf and she bets on him. This way, they are grateful to each other.

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