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“Justin Bieber Thomas”: Days Before His Do-or-Die Bout, 15X PGA Tour Champ Enthralls Fans Through Nostalgia

The 2023 Wyndham Championship is just around the corner as it is set to take place at the Sedgefield Country Club. It is the last event of the regular season which will look to finalize the players who will qualify for the FedEx Cup. Many top golfers have already qualified for the Cup while the rest will hope to battle it out at Sedgefield. And among the people vying for a place is Justin Thomas.



While the golfer struggled through the season, he will be hoping to put in his one final effort this week not to be left out of the FedEx Cup race. He recently came out with a peculiar revelation about his first experience at the tournament which left the golfing world in much surprise.
A teenage Justin Thomas at the Wyndham
Although the American golfer turned pro in 2013, he had taken part in the Wyndham Championship for the first time in 2009 as an amateur. The pro golfer recounted his experience of playing at the championship. The now 30-year-old competed with the pros to become the third-youngest player to make the cut on the Tour.



A recent post uploaded on Instagram shows Justin Thomas talking about his experience while playing at the Wyndham Championship at the age of 16. He was constantly misunderstood as people kept giving him range balls while refusing to believe that he was a player taking part in the prestigious event. Moreover, continuing on the interesting career start, he said, “My dad got the restart time an hour off and I was the only person on the property for an hour”, while explaining his remarkable performance at the event at that age.



The teenage amateur golfer made a name for himself after having a bogey-free first round. But the second round got the best of him as he finished two over par finishing the day with a score of -3 as opposed to the score of 5-under -par 65 on day one. He didn’t finish the whole tournament on account of an MDF. The two-time major winner has had a wonderful run since then with a total of 15 PGA Tour wins under his belt.

Thomas’ physical transformation is unbelievable!
The recent revelation about his past has bought in many responses from the golf world. As the social media handle shared the nostalgic post on the internet, it reminded the fans about Thomas and his talent as a golfer. The community sent many comments which even compared the star to another star. Let us take a look at some of these responses.
There were some fans who compared the guy to the pop star who became famous at 16 years of age. “Justin Bieber Thomas.”
Some fans could not believe that he had started off his career so early. “Huh.” There were fans who were surprised at the change in physique he has had from that of his 16-year-old self. “How do you get skinnier?”



“Skinny and a double chin. Defies physics.”
Some even hilariously attributed the change to a drug. “Cocaine is a hellova drug” Some fans went ahead to comment on his performance as he had a rough year in 2023. “Time for the range again JT or a new coach.”
Although the PGA star has been having a bumpy ride lately, he is one of the favorites to win the Wyndham Championship. The 2017 FedEx Cup winner is the biggest name in the upcoming tournament in terms of experience and important wins.

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