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Scathing Example Highlights the Brutal Impact of Doping Ban on Maria Sharapova As WTA Legend Once Lashed Out at US Open’s Inherent Bias

Even after making a reputation for herself in tennis, Maria Sharapova will never forget her horror when she failed a drug test. The Russian tennis player’s life was flipped upside down. After being suspended for 15 months, she returned to the court stronger and picked up where she left off. However, during her stint in Flushing Meadows, she faced brutal criticism from a renowned name in the sport.



At the US Open, Caroline Wozniacki, the 33-year-old Danish star, questioned the Russian tennis player’s match scheduling at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.
When Caroline Wozniacki criticized the US Open in light of Sharapova’s scheduling
Back in 2016, the former Russian tennis player failed a drug test, and the way people looked up to her changed in a very drastic manner. While a lot of her fans supported her, there were tennis players who argued against her.



After that, Sharapova made a comeback at the US Open that raised a lot of criticism for the tournament organizers, especially the way her matches were scheduled. While one of her critics at the time was Wozniacki. In an interview with the Danish paper Ekstrabladet, she raised questions about the organizers’ intentions at the US Open. She said, “When you look on centre court [Ashe], I understand completely the business side of things but someone who comes back from a drugs sentence and performance-enhancing drugs, and all of a sudden gets to play every single match on centre court, I believe is a questionable thing to do. I think it doesn’t set a good example.”



The Danish player raised the question as to how the 5th-ranked tennis player at that time was playing on court 5, but the Russian tennis player who was suspended because of drugs had her matches scheduled on the centre court.
Even though the 37-year-old Russian tennis player admired Wozniacki, she didn’t hold back when it came to responding to the Dane’s criticism. Sharapova’s answer to Wozniacki’s criticism
After reaching the 4th round of the tournament in a Press Conference, the 37-year-old Russian tennis player gave a very straight answer: she is not the one who schedules matches. Further, she highlighted how she was just happy to make it to the fourth round of the tournament.



She did, however, mention that she would be willing to play tennis anywhere, including Queens’ parking lot in New York City, as long as she could play tennis. Sharapova stepped down from tennis in 2020 after a successful career. Do you think the suspension marred the legacy of the Russian tennis legend?

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