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‘Don’t Give a Damn’: Mere Hours After Tiger Woods’ Uncanny Return, Phil Mickelson’s Arch Nemesis Riles Up the Internet With a Stern Message

The PGA Tour and LIV Golf merger has stirred up a lot of controversy since it was first announced. The main reason behind that is undoubtedly the fact that Jay Monahan and the rest of the authorities hid the merger announcement from all the pros, including Tiger Woods. To sum it up, the framework announcement caught everyone off guard. But now things are changing! Recently, to rectify the situation, the golf great joined the Tour’s Policy Board in the hope of doing some good for the players.



But surprisingly, the change is not sitting well with the golf analyst, who just weeks ago engaged in a fiery war with the legendary Phil Mickelson. Yes, it seems like Brandel Chamblee has shifted his focus from LIV to Woods, claiming that a “reckoning” was in order!
Brandel Chamblee expresses his thoughts on Tiger Woods’ appointment to the Policy Board

Just a couple of days ago, the 15-time Major winner was appointed as the sixth director of the PGA Tour Policy Board to work alongside the Tour commissioner and ensure that even the players will have a say in the decisions as the matter goes forward. Woods is added to the Policy Board, where there will be six player directors and five independent directors. The others on the board besides Woods are Patrick Cantlay, Charley Hoffman, Peter Malnati, Rory McIlroy, and Webb Simpson.



Brandel Chamblee has been one of the strongest critics of LIV Golf ever since its inaugural season, and he has very carefully observed every step of the Saudi league. He critically analyzed every move and had something to say about it. Well, how could this critical decision to appoint Woods as player director have been any different?

After the announcement, Chamblee posted a Tweet addressing how there should be a few things that “money should not be able to buy.” The 61-year-old pointed out that appointing Woods as the final player director on the board is an instance of how “dangerously close” the golf world is to becoming an invisible Saudi bone saw.

Chamblee’s post garnered a lot of attention from fans. His words, “Tiger becoming the 6th player cote on the board is a reckoning,” had fans on edge, and his tweet also became a platform for golf enthusiasts to express their opinions on the entire matter.

The golf world reacts to Chamblee’s stern opinion
Fans flocked to Chamblee’s post with an array of mixed emotions, from agreeing with Chamblee to standing against him; they did not shy away from making their stance known! Let us look at some of the comments they left.

One golf enthusiast expressed his displeasure about the merger.

Looking at the situation, one person wrote that the golf world is not close to the situation mentioned but is already there.

Pointing at the missing math controversy, a fan popped the question,

A few fans commented, expressing their agreement with the analyst.

As some fans agreed with Chamblee, others had their share of disagreement as well. Some even called out Chamblee for his hypocrisy.

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