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‘A Bad Day…’: Justin Thomas Celebrates Massive Accomplishment Outside the Golf Course

Artists draw inspiration from all sorts of places. Be it painters or musicians, inspiration strike them all randomly, and sometimes in the most unexpected scenarios. Chase Rise, the American country music singer, too, found inspiration one random day in his friend’s words. His friend, of course, was none other than PGA Tour star Justin Thomas.



The jovial and fun-loving Thomas is certainly quite inspiring. But aside from the youngsters in the sport, whom he’s moved with his skills, he inspired Rice with his candid words.
Justin Thomas playfully teases Chase Rice
Rice recently announced the release of his new album on Instagram. Among the 14 songs on his list, the golf fans couldn’t help but notice a familiar name. Justin Thomas. Rice’s song, ‘Bad Day to be a Cold Beer,’ had been inspired by JT.

Supporting his friend, the 15-time PGA Tour winner also took to Instagram. Posting a story sharing the singer’s album details, he teasingly wrote, “It’s a bad day to be a cold beer at @wmphenixopen, ain’t that right @chaserice??” But how exactly has JT inspired the musician? Well, as per his post, one day the golf pro walked up to him on the golf course and said, “Boys, it’s a bad day to be a cold beer.”



Rice claimed that the two-time major winner was spot on with his assessment. “That day was the most fun I’ve ever had on the golf course,” he stated. The pals had spent the day metaphorically and literally having cold beers. It indeed wasn’t a good day for the beers since they ended up being downed by the golfers.

How is JT performing at the Phoenix Open?

Following the much-anticipated pro-am, which featured celebrities like JJ Watt and Emmitt Smith, the first round of the pros began on Thursday. The two-time OGA Championship winner saw himself finish tied for 58th place.



The play was suspended in the first round due to darkness, but JT had already finished his play with 2 bogeys and one birdie. Ending his round with 1 over par he is currently six strokes behind the leader, Nick Taylor who finished with a score of -5.

Will JT be able to pull up his socks and get back in the game when it resumes? Or will he head home early and grab himself a cold beer?

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