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Despite Her Absence From The LPGA Tour Event This Week, Lydia Ko Makes Headlines Due to Her Extravagant Retreat

LPGA star Lydia Ko, has decided to take a break from golf after going through a tough time on the Tour. When she’s not competing, there’s a real chance she could lose her position as the number one player in the Rolex Rankings.This unexpected choice seems to be a result of her recent struggles on the course, which include a hefty seven-stroke penalty at the Dana Open.



A Strategic Move or Time for Reflection?
Lydia Ko is a big player in professional golf, bagging numerous titles and achieving the top rank in women’s golf worldwide. However, her performance in her last two LPGA events has been noticeably poor, leading her to rethink her strategy and eventually take a break from professional golf for a while. Ko’s recent games have been filled with unexpected errors, especially at the Dana Open. A big seven-stroke penalty in that tournament led to a bad result, which caused her to stop and think about her performance and take a retreat and reflect on the game.



Recently, the LPGA pro has been sharing pictures on her Instagram account that depict her spending quality time with friends during her retreat in France. She’s a skilled golfer and understands that to get better, sometimes you need a little breather to step back and reassess. This time off could give her the chance to look closely and introspect her game.
Lydia Ko recharging for a comeback
Golf is a game that needs not just physical strength, but also a tough mind. Lydia Ko, who is used to the stress of performing well, seems to understand this pretty well. Her choice to take a break during a tough season shows her wish to gather herself and come back to the game even better.



For now, Ko seems to be enjoying her break in France, experiencing the peaceful scenery and rich culture of the country. As she takes time to relax away from the intense competition, fans await her comeback, hoping that this break helps Ko return refreshed. But until she comes back, the tournaments will have to go on without one of their biggest stars.

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