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“JT Was a Complete Pinhead”: While Tensions Ride High, the Internet Is Split Between Patrick Reed and Justin Thomas’ Ryder Cup Hopes

The fine details of the $3 Billion merger may be in the works, but is the golf world really accepting LIV players back on the home teams? The recently leaked memo from the DP World Tour has raised hope for several past Ryder Cup captains to return to play this season. Yet, the player selections and the continued bias raise many questions.



Zach Johnson is captaining the American team at the Ryder Cup in 2023. He is debating the players he wants, but fans have mixed ideas about his selections. Let’s take a look at the latest controversial standpoint that may pit LIV golfers against Tour players, with two names starting off the debate: Justin Thomas and Patrick Reed!

Comparisons of player pickings raise eyebrows for Ryder Cup
JT hasn’t been his best self on the golf course this season. The American golfer had several setbacks this season, to the point where his wife had to remind him why he liked playing golf in the first place. He’s faced controversies due to off-handed comments, missed the cut in several events, and just couldn’t pull himself close to the titles.



Still, he is one of the best golfers, ranking 14th on the Ryder Cup leaderboard, and he has tremendous potential. Zach Johnson’s dilemma arises from the fact that JT can bring it, but he really needs to be in form for them to capture the win. UsedGolfFacts has a different opinion.

Reed has a consistent record of amazing gameplay, yet his defecting to LIV Golf has put his contention into question. Fans are comparing the records of the two golfers, and Reed seems to be coming out on top as a fan favorite this season. However, not having the former captain at the Ryder Cup may be disappointing to some fans.

Although Thomas ranks higher on the OWGR as well as the Ryder Cup rankings than Reed, this has turned into yet another PGA Tour vs. LIV Golf debate in the community.


Golf world questions the fairness of picking Justin Thomas over Patrick Reed
The player picks are up to the captains of the US team and the European team. While Zach Johnson’s decision to go with JT instead of Reed may be purely statistical, fans are having a mixed reaction to the debate over picking the two players.

Some admirers of the sport support Johnson’s choice, saying, “If JT is picked over Reed, there’s more to it than just their Cup record.”

Other fans are impartial toward both players, regardless of which circuit they are playing on at the moment.

There are also some fans who are still enraged about Patrick Reed defecting to the Saudi-backed tour, and they did not hold back their distaste.

A few fans were also against JT playing at the Ryder Cup due to his past performances.

It seems like both players have their fans who want them in, and then there are the admirers of the Ryder Cup who don’t want to see either of them on this year’s American Team. Regardless of who gets picked, one thing is for certain: The Ryder Cup 2023 is going to take everyone’s breath away. Do you think JT deserves to be picked over Reed, or would you agree with neither being picked? Do you want to see the former Ryder Cup captain on the field this year?

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