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Justin Thomas: I know I’m really close to playing some really, really good golf

"The reality is, you know, I need to play well this week to give that an opportunity to come out"

Justin Thomas took the responsibility of securing the FedEx Cup Playoffs very seriously. Currently, he is nine places below the cut off with one tournament left to play. This will be an excellent opportunity for him to see what he is capable of at the moment when it comes to the Wyndham Championship.



By his own statements, it is evident that Thomas is a big optimist when it comes to the future.“I know I’m really, really close to playing some really, really good golf. The reality is, you know, I need to play well this week to give that an opportunity to come out.
That’s the unfortunate but also realistic part of where I’m at right now. “-Thomas said, as quoted by



Justin Thomas
This popular golfer wishes to take part in a game without being pressured right now. His confidence in his abilities seems to be quite strong, and it appears that he has no worries about the future. There is no doubt that the Wyndham Championship will be the best indicator of his current form and where he stands at the moment. Thomas hopes he can make a good result.“I think it’s an unbelievable opportunity. I’m enjoying it.



I mean, I think it’s great for the Wyndham. There’s plenty of guys here that, some big names that are going to get this tournament kind of some of the credit it deserves I feel like on a great golf course. I’m just going to go out and play the best that I can and try to see if we can get in contention to try to win a golf tournament and see if we can get on a little run to end the season”.

Although he is not satisfied with his performance, Thomas emphasized that he is not disappointed. There is room for improvement, and sometimes luck is needed, which Thomas is aware of. “I’m obviously not playing as well as I have in the past, but I’m really not playing that poorly.



I haven’t really gotten much out of my rounds. You know, like on Friday last week at 3M, I had two swings that literally cost me five strokes on Friday. If those swings go how they normally do in any other situation, you know, I’m like 15th heading into the weekend instead of missing the cut. It’s just been kind of one of those seasons, I guess, if you will”.

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