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‘A Little Sign’ Proves No Match for John McEnroe and Maria Sharapova as the Tennis Legends Team Up To Break the Rules

John McEnroe had a turbulent tennis career. On one hand, the American tennis legend dominated his opponents on the tennis court with sumptuous displays. As a result, he went on to win seven Grand Slam titles during his playing days. However, on the other hand, McEnroe was also dubbed the ‘bad boy’ of tennis. He had several on-court outbursts, including arguments with umpires and his opponents. The 64-year-old himself admitted to being a ‘jerk.’ Years later, McEnroe has brought the memories alive once again.



Recently, Russian tennis beauty, Maria Sharapova and John McEnroe came together for an exciting partnership. However, an event caught everyone’s eye during their meet-up. Here is what happened.
John McEnroe and Maria Sharapova trespass to play tennis
The Russian star shared a glimpse of her appearance on the ESPN+ show, McEnroe’s Places. The show will run till the US Open, having started earlier this summer. Through this show, McEnroe aims to revitalize the sport, having legends of the game share their stories.



In the video shared by Sharapova on her official Instagram handle, the two can be seen aiming to trespass to play tennis in a prohibited zone. As the clip begins, McEnroe can be heard saying, “This got to be a tennis court.” However, Sharapova reminded him that it had no trespassing board.

To everyone’s surprise, McEnroe kicked the board, following which they trespassed and proceeded further. On this note, McEnroe said, “C’mmon Maria, you’re crossing ocean in a country to preserve your dreams, so just a little sign, let it go.”



While sharing the post, Sharapova mentioned, “Trespassing with John McEnroe is never (always!!) a good idea. Catch the episode on ESPN+ #McEnroe’sPlaces.” Similarly, McEnroe has been a vocal person all through his career. He recently offered a piece of advice to Serena Williams.

What did McEnroe say?
The American tennis legend came to Serena’s defense while talking about her controversial 2018 US Open final loss. On this front, he backed Serena, saying, “If thief is the worst word she used, I have got some bad news for you. There are a lot of other players, including myself, in a lot of other sports, that have done far worse. Come on.”

Meanwhile, Sharapova and McEnroe’s episode will drop in the coming days on ESPN+ Are you excited about the Sharapova-McEnroe partnership?

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