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Discover the Intriguing Saga of Denmark’s Rising Tennis Prodigy, Holger Rune, and Unravel the Enigmatic Tale of his Family’s Journey.

Holger Rune is an up-and-coming professional tennis player from Denmark. He is trying his best to leave his mark on the ATP Tour. Born on 29th April 2003, the 20-year-old is currently at rank 6. He steadily rose through the ranks after his impressive performance in 2022 and aims for the next big step, i.e. winning a grand slam. While Rune has a great mentor in Lars Christensen, the Danish star has a very supportive family, with almost everyone having a background in sports.



Holger Rune’s parents: Aneke Rune, Anders Nodskov
Rune was born to Aneke Rune and Anders Nodskov in Gentofte, Denmark. He began playing tennis at the age of six as his sister was also playing the sport, and he soon became serious about the sport. Throughout his childhood, he was coached by Lars Christensen, who is currently his head coach and his major motivation, along with his mother.



Rune’s father’s tennis career
Anders Nodskov is currently the CEO of the Yacht charting company known an YachtZap. It is a yacht charter platform that prioritizes preserving a transparent and clear record of all contact between the yacht owner and the client.

Anders is also the Chief and Pioneer behind TR Delivery Denmark ApS, which he has overseen since May 2004. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is also a warning gathering individual from the Relationship of Yacht Backing Administrations.Before becoming a renowned businessman, Holger’s father was a prolific tennis player, albeit in the lower divisions. Considering his experience, he can be often seen giving valuable advice to his son.



Rune’s mother Aneke Rune’s professional career
Aneke Rune is the President and Founder of Waterpoint and Minicooler. Her business offers and sells a variety of water purification units and water coolers that can be readily connected to domestic taps and sinks. The company also promotes the consumption of healthy water. She is a constant presence in her son’s personal and professional life.

Holger Rune’s sister Alma Rune
Holger found his break out moment at last year’s French Open when he reached the quarterfinal of the tournament. Alma Rune, the 20-year-old athlete’s sister, drew media attention during Rune’s fourth-round triumph over fourth-seeded Stefanos Tsitsipas. Cameras panned to scoop Alma’s stunning appearance at Stade Roland Garros.



While she now aims to be a model, Alma used to play tennis when she was a child. In fact, Holger was motivated to join the sport when he saw his sister playing it when she was 6. As per their mother, Holger used to go to the training grounds of his sister and watched practice matches from beginning to end.

How Rune’s family supports his tennis career
Anders was not always into working in a corporate job. In his younger days, he used to play tennis but never pursued a professional career in the field. Holger’s father is one of the many people in his life who support his career. Anders is often present during his son’s matches and cheers him on as loud as he can.



Holger has himself admitted that he is his biggest inspiration. Although Anders is always there to support his son, Aneke is much more active. She discovered her son’s ability when he was a toddler. Since then, she has aimed to make sure Holger reached the stage he wanted. Additionally, she has said that owning her own company made it easier for her to be there for her son.

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