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Trailblazing LPGA Pro Spills the Beans on Sensational Lydia Ko Connection at $2m Event: “We Can Ask Lydia..”

The Dundonald Links is currently witnessing remarkable instances as the Scottish Women’s Open progresses. There is certainly a lot to talk about golfers’ performances as well as their recent press conferences. Recently, following the completion of the second round of the said tournament, Hinako Shibuno took center stage in the press conference, sharing insightful details about her impressive performance.



As Shibuno continues to excel in the tournament, she discussed several aspects of her current performance. However, it was a particular topic related to her nickname that captured the attention of her devoted fans. Let’s check out more details about it.

Hinako Shibuno talks about her new nickname
During the press conference held at the golf links, the 24-year-old golfer eloquently addressed questions regarding her current performance and the unique experience of playing in challenging windy conditions. Additionally, Shibuno captivated the audience’s attention by delving into an engaging discussion about her nickname. Well, back then, Shibuno earned the moniker ‘Smiling Cinderella’ following her impressive triumph at the 2019 AIG Women’s Open held at Woburn. However, over time, this nickname gradually faded away, and to everyone’s astonishment, she has recently been given a new nickname by one of her fellow competitors.



During the interview, the moderator brought up the topic of the Japanese professional golfer’s desire to be called the Assassin, referencing an article they had read about her preferred nickname. To this, she quipped, “I don’t know why everybody calls me Assassin, but we can ask Lydia maybe.” For the unknown, after Lydia Ko referred to the young golfer as “Assassin” on one occasion, this nickname made a stronger impression on her compared to the previous one. As a result, the 2019 Women’s British Open Winner prefers to be called by this nickname and would love to be known as the “Assassin.”



Nonetheless, with all the energy that she is putting into her sport, Shibuno can even earn the Freed Group Women’s Scottish Open title to her name in a matter of days. After all, her performance is nothing short of extraordinary.
A look at Shibuno’s performance at the ongoing Scottish Women’s Open
Currently sitting on the top of the leaderboard, Hinako Shibuno is playing in the third round of the ongoing $2M competition. In the second round, Shibuno kicked off with a bogey but swiftly recovered by securing a total of five birdies. With an impressive score of 4 under 68, she even managed to retain a comfortable two-shot lead.

As the tournament progresses, the third round is currently underway, and the final outcome still hangs in the balance. Anything can happen before the competition reaches its conclusion.
After a long time, the Assassin (the nickname that the skilled golfer adores) is excelling splendidly in her sport.

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