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“2 of the greatest” – Boris Becker delighted by John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg reigniting their rivalry in American’s series McEnroe’s Places

Boris Becker couldn’t contain his joy at John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg reigniting their legendary rivalry in a clip from McEnroe’s Places, a tennis-centric series on ESPN+.
Following in the vein of Peyton’s Places, a football-themed documentary series hosted by NFL legend Peyton Manning, McEnroe’s Places delves into the global appeal of tennis and seeks to attract a larger audience to the sport.



“I have given my very best to this project so that it will be loved by diehard tennis fans and will bring new fans to participate in our great lifetime sport,” John McEnroe said of the series.In the third episode of the series, fittingly titled ‘Fire & Ice,’ McEnroe and Borg come together to look back on their rivalry, which was characterized by their contrasting temperaments. While the American was known for his controversial on-court behavior, the Swede was renowned for his cool and composed demeanor.



In a promotional clip shared by the executive producer Omaha Productions, McEnroe and Borg revisit their storied Wimbledon rivalry as they gear up for a rematch on grass while engaging in hilarious banter.”It’s kind of fitting that we’re starting with love because I love this, playing with you,” McEnroe said. “You get corny with age,” Bjorg replied.
The American can then be seen bragging about his lightning-fast serve only to yell out in pain during his service motion, having injured his back.



“This is going to blow your mind, the pace this comes in,” McEnroe said.
“Ah! My f**king back,” he yelled.

Upon coming across the clip on social media, Becker expressed his love for McEnroe and Borg, referring to them as two of the greatest players in history.
“Absolutely love John and Borg!!! 2 of the greatest who ever played the game,” he posted on his Instagram story.

Boris Becker’s Instagram story

“Trespassing with John McEnroe is never a good idea” – Maria Sharapova joins American on his series McEnroe’s Places

Maria Sharapova joined John McEnroe on his series McEnroe’s places

In the fourth episode of the series, titled ‘Coming to America’, Maria Sharapova and John McEnroe embark on a quest to find a suitable tennis court for their practice session.

The pair eventually discover a private court marked by a ‘No Trespassing’ sign. Despite Sharapova’s reluctance, McEnroe kicks down the sign and urges the Russian to follow him inside.”Come on, Maria. You cross an ocean and a continent to pursue your dreams. What’s the little sign going to do?” McEnroe said.
Sharapova shared a clip from the episode on social media and joked about trespassing with the American.



“Trespassing with John McEnroe is never (always!! 🤫) a good idea 💁🏼‍♀️Catch the episode on ESPN+ #McEnroe’sPlaces,” Sharapova wrote on Instagram

Alongside Bjorn Borg and Sharapova, some of the notable guests featured on McEnroe’s series are Tracy Austin, Chris Evert, Peter Fleming, Taylor Fritz, Rod Laver, and Patrick McEnroe, among others.

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