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Bizarre moment David Beckham and son Cruz join actor Austin Butler in lifting a fallen tree blocking their path on a Canadian road as Victoria films it

David Beckham and Austin Butler stumbled into an usual task while Victoria Beckham filmed the scene

In a rare turn of events, David Beckham and Austin Butler seen lifting up a tree in what seems to be in the vast wilderness of Muskoka in Ontario, Canada. Victoria Beckham took to her Instagram Story to share a glimpse of how her husband and son, Cruz, were joined by the Elvis actor, 31, alongside other friends accompanying them.



In the video clip, the former Spice Girl explains how a tree had fallen in the middle of the road and the boys had jumped in to lift it up, so the cars can pass through. Pointing at David, Victoria cooed jokingly announcing in the video, “look how manly my husband is.” This prompted a big smile out of the former English footballer.
On the other end, Austin was also seen lifting up the tree as the cars passed through.



She then took to her Instagram feed to share a full video of the incident, which she captioned as, “Did u ever think u would see Elvis and Beckham lifting a tree?? Helping the community in Muskoka [tree emoji and a crying laughing emoji] I’m impressed gentleman! Kisses [sic]” She also tagged her husband, son and Butler in the post.

Soon after the incident, the Beckhams headed to Dallas to watch Messi play Inter Miami to a remarkable victory over Dallas on Sunday night. The victory took them into the Leagues Cup quarter finals. Celebrating the win, Victoria also shared a glimpse of her beaming husband posing with her and their two children who accompanied them, Cruz and Harper.



Meanwhile, David also shared the same picture with the caption, “WOW what a night in Dallas thank you for the Love what a game us.” He also tagged his two sons who were missing, Brooklyn and Romeo, an added “We missed you.”

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