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Days After a Harsh Reality Check From Ryder Cup Legend, a Rusty Justin Thomas Makes an Honest Confession: ‘My First Pizza Since January’

This season has been nerve-wracking for Justin Thomas, whose performance graph in the major tournaments and other events has fallen drastically. And while he harbors the dream of playing in this year’s Ryder Cup, he has drawn criticism from this year’s vice-captain, Fred Couples days ago for his dietary choices.But now it looks like Thomas has brought a much-needed change and after months of desperately waiting has finally indulged in enjoying his most guilty pleasure food, a pizza. As a matter of fact, three pizzas.



Justin Thomas enjoys pizza after six months and gets emotional
There is no doubt that Justin Thomas is a good golfer. His credentials speak for themselves. But his recent downfall has left the fans and the golf world worried. But he seems to enjoy a revival with the Wyndham Championship in the past week. After a gap of many weeks, Thomas made T12 finish at the event. And there are a couple of things that Thomas has been doing to improve his form and one of them is going dairy free. To bring improvement in his health on the course, Thomas chose to go dairy-free for this year and has just completed six months of this diet.



But there is one thing that he can’t live without, and that is pizza. Speaking about his pizza cravings, Thomas has said Wells Fargo Championship. “I want a pizza like you can’t imagine.” And Thomas satisfied this craving a few days ago while he was in Minnesota for the 3M Open Championship. There he ate three gluten-free pizzas after completing his six months diet while in Blaine.



“It was my first pizza since January and I could’ve cried,” he said at Wyndham. This comes just days after he was scrutinized for his recent slump by this year’s Ryder Cup’s vice-captain, Fred Couples who also criticized Justin’s dietary changes. Couples said, “I can’t imagine trying to change something that I don’t need to change, People say, ‘Well that’s just eating differently.’ Well no, that’s feeling different on the golf course,”. However, Thomas had a very valid reason for that.



Why Justin Thomas went gluten and dairy free this year?
In the last couple of years, Thomas has been struggling on the course health-wise. A tough day on the field would end up making him feel off. Working in the heat for long would leave him dehydrated and on occasions he had even thrown up as well. All this was quite unnatural for a young player still in his 30s. So he went for bloodwork and food sensitivity tests and after the results, the expert gave him special instructions of no gluten for a year and no dairy for six months. And props to Thomas for keeping up with this tough routine.

After finishing such a challenging diet, it is only fair to celebrate with pizza, as Thomas did. And it looks like the pizza showed its magic at the Wyndham Championship as he did give a reviving performance.

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