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“Don’t know who Holger Rune’s coach is… he makes bad decisions” – Dane can challenge Carlos Alcaraz if taught the right way, believes Spencer Segura

Spencer Segura, a former tennis player, expressed his opinion that Holger Rune’s coach is making poor decisions for the young player. Despite this, Segura believes that with the right training and guidance, the Danish player, Rune, has the potential to challenge Carlos Alcaraz in the future.

Segura sat with his former doubles partner and eight-time Grand Slam winner Jimmy Connors on the Advantage Connors podcast to discuss the future of tennis. Segura is the son of Hall of Fame inductee Pancho Segura.



During the conversation, Segura suggested that the Spaniard’s second serve can be put to the test by his contemporaries going forward.

“There’s a way to beat Alcaraz, you just need to find the player that has the ability to do it, then you have to teach him how to do it. If there’s a way to attack his second serve,” said Segura.
Segura further backed the Spaniard to be one of the greatest moving ahead. He said:



“If this guy (Alcaraz) makes another move, he could be the next one of the Big Three. This kid could easily go ten years like this if you don’t have guys that learn how to return big and volley and come in behind the ball.”

Segura hinted that Rune might be the guy to do it but his coach, Lars Christensen, has some work to do.

“Rune kind of doesn’t play so smartly but he has sort of an attack of the second serve. He stands in and attacks, he’s very athletic.



I don’t know who his coach is, but he makes really bad decisions like in drop shots from behind the baseline. He could be that one (who beats Alcaraz) if he’s taught the right way.””Otherwise, you’re not going to beat him (Carlos Alcaraz), he’s a maestro. He has got chips, he has got drop shots, he has got angles, he has got fakes… he can do anything. Those guys can’t. And it might take him (Rune) till 28 to learn it all,” he added.

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