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“Scandalous Hideaway: Unveiling the Exquisite Mansion of Shakira and Lewis Hamilton’s Covert Trysts in Ibiza”

The luxurious estate where Shakira met with Lewis Hamilton in Ibiza has become the subject of much discussion.

Rumors persist about their alleged affair and Shakira’s recent proximity to seven-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton.

Amid earlier indications of a possible rift between them, it has now been disclosed that fresh rendezvous took place in a particularly exclusive locale.



Spanish model and presenter Tamara Gorro, during her appearance on Spanish TV show ‘Y ahora Sonsoles,’ reported from the premises of ‘Villa Coco Loco’ in Ibiza.



She detailed her findings about the alleged encounters between the artist and the seven-time F1 champion.

“We can confirm that Hamilton would come in at night, presumably to meet with Shakira, of course… We can confirm, based on someone I’ve spoken to, that they’ve seen Hamilton entering this complex one night,” said the Spanish presenter confidently.

“The thing is, they haven’t been seen outside of this luxurious and very private complex.”



As interest in this matter has intensified, following its mention on the TV show, details about the alleged location of the encounters between Shakira and Hamilton have surfaced.

The ‘Ecodisseny’ portal, a construction company specializing in landscape design and exclusive property construction, provides images through which it is evident that the property boasts a pool, open terraces, lush gardens, and unique foliage.



Its stunning view, enhanced by its proximity to the sea, truly evokes a paradise-like ambiance.


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It is known that Shakira spent the days in July and August in this locale.

On Hamilton’s schedule, this aligns with the period preceding the Belgian Grand Prix, where the British driver clinched fourth place and recorded the fastest lap of the race.

“He would head out to renowned nightclubs for parties,” Gorro added.



“Subsequently, where did he go…? Here, alongside our Shakira, to conclude the night in the best possible manner.”

When is Lewis Hamilton back in Formula 1 action?
Following a hiatus in line with the European summer, Formula 1 will resume in late August, with the Dutch Grand Prix taking place at the Zandvoort circuit from Friday, August 25 to Sunday, August 27.

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