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Emily Blunt Hilariously Explained How Edge Of Tomorrow And Tom Cruise Still Cause Her Back Pain

Despite the strain it might put on her back, Emily Blunt is eager and ready to reprise the action movie role.

Edge of Tomorrow is one of the best action movies that’s often overlooked outside of dedicated film enthusiast circles.

For years, fans have been buzzing about a potential sequel, and fanning the hype Emily Blunt openly expressed her desire to be part of that sequel, despite sharing a humorous story about how working on the original film with Tom Cruise still results in back pain for her.



Sometimes, acting in stunt-heavy movies can lead to tangible discomfort, as Emily Blunt amusingly revealed on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast in a video shared on host Josh Horowitz’s Instagram.

Even though she was deep into promoting Oppenheimer alongside its stacked cast, the actress vividly recalled her challenging experiences wearing the hefty mech suit for Edge of Tomorrow.’



Indeed, the experience seems to have left a physical mark. During the interview, when the host suggested that her memories of the cumbersome exo suit might have faded, much like the trials of pregnancy, the Mary Poppins veteran was quick to set the record straight:

No, I don’t forget. No, my back still tweaks out on me sometimes. You know, I’ll like, turn funny in the car, and I’ll just be like, ‘Tom Cruise!’

This isn’t the first instance The Devil Wears Prada star has spoken about the physically demanding costumes in the sci-fi movie.



She even recalled a moment when Cruise asked her to “stop being such a pussy” when she broke down on set. Yet, despite the potential for spine discomfort, Emily Blunt remains enthusiastic about reprising her role in an Edge of Tomorrow sequel.

She’s indicated that she’s not the one stalling the much-speculated project. She’s even laid eyes on a script! She added:



There was [a script] that Doug kind of slithered over to me… I would love to make it a reality, but I just don’t know when, or how, or how many Mission: Impossibles does he [Tom Cruise] need?

Given that Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part I has not quite lived up to box office expectations, despite being well-liked by viewers, there seems to be a lesser buzz surrounding the film.



While we know Part II of the M:I mission is one the way, the idea of a sequel to the 2014 film might not be as far-fetched as previously thought. And, as you can see in the video below, Emily Blunt is more than ready to make it happen.


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Keep an eye on this space for any updates regarding Edge of Tomorrow 2. In the meantime, fans of Emily Blunt can enjoy her performance, albeit, with far fewer back injuries, in Christopher Nolan’s critically lauded Oppenheimer, currently screening in cinemas. For updates on other film releases set for the 2023 movie schedule, keep following CinemaBlend.

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