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Give me the time and place and I’ll be there” – Paige Spinarac and Kay Adams to go head-to-head in a friendly golf face-off

Paige Spiranac and Kay Adams, host of her own sports talk show and former NFL Network host, could be competing on the golf course sometime soon. Spiranac, the former pro turned golf influencer, said she’s interested in getting together with Adams.


On Twitter, a user asked Adams if she would want to play a friendly match against Spiranac. She responded that she’d love to if the former pro had enough patience for her. Clearly, Adams isn’t too keen on her golf game.



@heykayadams You and @PaigeSpiranac should play some golf together
Nevertheless, Spiranac said she’d be good to play a match, responding on Twitter:



“I’m so down! Let’s go play some golf.”
Paige Spiranac
Paige Spiranac
@heykayadams @bryptobudnick I’m so down! Let’s go play some golf

When Adams responded, Spiranac asked for a time and place to play, so this potential match is certainly gaining steam. She played golf in college and briefly on the LPGA tour before turning to modeling and content creation. She said:



“Give me the time and place and I’ll be there.”
Adams, on the other hand, has primarily worked in the NFL space, so she might not be as up on her golf skills as Paige Spiranac. Still, this should be an exciting and fun match. Right now, other than its existence, nothing else is known about this potential match.



Paige Spiranac will never delve into adult-only content
Despite some requests from followers, Paige Spiranac is going to continue strictly making content that doesn’t require an age restriction. The golf influencer revealed her feelings on adult content, saying:



“I’ll never do any spicy content or nude work. It’s just something I’m not comfortable with. And no shame to women who do that – I know they’re making bank. But it just doesn’t fit into my long-term business plan, where I want to go in my life.”

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